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Scene twist, Borian arrival! The map shows the core of Siberia towards Italy. There is history »

Weather: Twist arrives, Borian! The map shows the core of Siberia towards Italy. There is history

Borian arrived We will reveal soon when he returns Boryan or Puran What to say if you want.

In terms of weather, the so-called “unnamed” or “unassignable”, in short, he, the Boerian, could return very soon, and the chances of that happening increase in a few days.

in detail Boryan It’s an icy wind that blows over the endless lands during the winter Siberia and the Kazakh plains towards the Ural Mountains or the Sarmatian plains in European Russia. Sometimes gusts of wind From the wind can reach 100 km / h accompanied by blizzards that lead to a sharp decrease in visibility, Significantly increases sensitivity to cold. The main feature is that it is an icy air stream because it comes from an area where there is a “cold film”, i.e. An extremely cold, heavy layer of air near the ground And no more than 1000/2000 meters. This particular event generally remains confined to Russia or to most of Eastern Europe, however, In some cases it can also appear in Italy.

But what triggers these freezing waves? You must find the reason above North Pole Where between January and March, every 5/6 years there is a surprise stratified. By this term, in meteorology, we refer to the term anomalous and intense Heating From stratosphere terrestrial, above the arctic region, also in order 30°/40°C in a few days. This heating, once activated, gradually tends to expand towards the upper troposphere, literally splitting polar vortex. And that’s exactly what could happen again, as calculations point to an imminent episode of global warming over Siberia Which could actually cause the polar vortex to break.

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It has already happened in the past and that is why we know very well that the edges of the same vortex can go down in latitude, resulting in a force Frost waves to the Mediterranean basin. Although statistics will not see a repeat of this phenomenon for this year (the last one was actually only 4 years ago), according to the latest updates a Strong warming at the top of the stratosphere Already these days over Siberia.

caution: Between March 19-20, a strong plunge of cold Russian-Siberian air directed towards Italy is clearly visible on the map. Driven by the massive high pressure (A) found in Scandinavia, temperatures will be recorded in late spring. Apulia will be severely affected by the freezing flow directly from the Balkans, Montenegro and Albania, even if all regions will be affected in any case by the cold eruption that will cross the Balkans from several points, not from Porta della Pura, but also from Porta Dalmata and Montenegrin.

Conclusions: The second half of March, especially since then Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 Above all between Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st, a core of Siberian cold air will penetrate towards central Europe and towards Italy from the Balkan Gate, broadly penetrating the Valpadana and attacking the regions of the Adriatic and then flowing into the rest of the Mediterranean. Please note that there will be not only snow in the form of storms and blizzards, but frost can persist not only at night, but also during the day and for several days.

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