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Scattered clouds today, partly cloudy on Monday 2 and Tuesday

Rome, 05/01/2022 Weather forecast. Day characterized by passing clouds, minimum temperature 14 ° C, maximum 19 C

Rome Weather Forecast

Rome Weather Real Time – Sunday, May 1st

Situation: Recent Data Collected (Rome Siampino)

Last inspection near the airport – Rome Siampino

22: 50 Quiet 14 h Quiet51% – No –n / a n / a1014mb 14 C> 10 km
51 n / a

Radar detection:

22: 50 No rain Intensity: 12 out of 0

Real-time status: At 22:50, according to the Rome Siampino Meteorological Station, the current situation is characterized by clear skies with a temperature of 14 C. The wind is not blowing at 0 km per hour from the north.
Very close radar detection at 10:50 pm indicates no rainfall with 0 intensity at 12.
The next few hours will be characterized by scattered clouds with a temperature of 14 C, according to the latest weather forecast. Weak winds are blowing at a speed of 4 km per hour from the west. No rainfall.

Rome Weather 3 days

Sunday, May 1stDay characterized by partial cloudy skies with a minimum temperature of 14 C and a maximum of 19 C. Detail: Adequate sunlight in the morning, some scattered clouds throughout the day. Today the maximum temperature will be 3 19 C during the day and 19 ° C at 11 pm and the minimum will be 14 ° C at 11 pm. At a speed of about 12 km per hour, it will reach 4 km per hour from the west in the evening. The highest solar intensity will be at 2 pm with a UV value of 7.5 equivalent to 911W / m2.

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Monday, May 2nd: Common cloudy or clear skies. Tomorrow the maximum temperature will be 20 ° C at 2 pm and the minimum temperature will be 12 ° C at 6 am. Winds will be weak at 8km / h in the morning, weak at 20km / h in the afternoon and moderate at 20km / h in the evening. At 10 km. The highest solar intensity is at 1 pm with a UV value of 8.7 equivalent to 981W / m2.

Tuesday, May 3rdDay characterized by small stable clouds with temperatures ranging from 12 to 20 degrees Celsius. In detail, the morning and afternoon will be partly cloudy and the evening sky will be overcast. The maximum temperature during the day is recorded at 1 pm and 20 C and the minimum is 12 C at 6 am. Winds will be light at 7 kmph from south-south-west in the morning. The hours will be moderate at 16km / h from southwest in the afternoon and 4km / h from south-southwest in the evening. The maximum solar intensity is 12 with a UV value of 7.3 equivalent to 895W / m2.

May 1 Scattered clouds 11 ° C 19 C


Self 4 / 12
n / a n / a
May 2nd A little cloudy 12 C 20 C


W 16 / 20
n / a n / a
May 3 A little cloudy 12 C 20 C


SW 15 / 16
n / a n / a

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