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Savings, in Italy, generational disparities are increasing

Savings, in Italy, generational disparities are increasing

The issue of youth politics is karst in the election campaign. If the candidates debate a lot about the energy crisis, international politics and pensions, the proposals in favor of those under their 30s don’t seem particularly plentiful yet. However, upon closer examination, the topics for discussion will not be absent. If Istat periodically describes a country dedicated to demographic regression and brain imigranteItalians under the age of 30 are also increasingly penalized in terms of savings and wealth distribution.

The shock of the past twenty years

This is evidenced by the data of the Center for Studies and Research on Social Security Paths, which was allocated in its latest report Silver Economy, measures the development of average household net worth in Italy. If the movable and immovable assets of a household with a head of household over 65 years in 2004 were slightly higher than those in a household with a head of household under 30, the gap has gradually widened since 2004.

The gap widens

Already in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the elderly were 1.7 times richer than the young, while in 2010 the ratio was stable at 2.5 times, maintaining slight fluctuations at these levels until 2016, the date of the last monitoring. Bank of Italy. In addition to inequality resulting from social or geographical disparities, today in Italy there is a generational nature in which the next economic crisis may worsen. (All rights reserved)

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