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PlayStation 5 Sony investe nel futuro del brand

Save up to 150€ from GameStop by returning your old console

Can’t find PlayStation 5 anywhere? Still haven’t been able to get your new Sony console at one of the many points online, on the websites of different retailers? Well now you will have another chance to Definitely make it to you quickly thanks Jim Stop.

Making use of it is very simple. Simply go to any of the GameStop ports with your old console and pre-order your PlayStation 5. Sony’s new console will hit the store in a few days.

the most important You can save up to 150 euros depending on which console is brought. There are three levels of discounts based on what you return:

  • €150 discount when bringing PlayStation 4 forefrontOPure Nintendo Switch
  • €100 discount when bringing PlayStation 4, Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch Lite
  • 70 euros discount by bringing Xbox One S
View PlayStation 5 GameStop

Offer is currently only available for bundle purchaseAnd not just consoles. If you want to get the PlayStation 5 without a bundle, you have to wait for one of the weekly drops from GameStop or other retailers.

We invite you to Subscribe to our Telegram channel dedicated to offers To keep up with the latest promotions and availability of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Even if you are not interested in one of the PS5 bundles, Don’t worry why GameStop promised new PlayStation 5 stock every week. This along with New Stocks Arrived On Amazon, explains it The wind changes and the distribution of new units little by little tries to please everyone.

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as we know Sony shipped 4.5 million PS5 at launch, by the end of 2020. Added to this Another 3 million to be distributed on March 31, 2021. Then the march continues tightly with Another 15 million PS5 which will be distributed between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.