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Sardinia: Cagliari will host the international Brazilian Ju-Jitsu competitions at the Polaris Circuit

Sardinia: Cagliari will host the international Brazilian Ju-Jitsu competitions at the Polaris Circuit

Everything is ready for Polaris, the international Brazilian Ju Jitsu event, hosted today – Saturday 24 September – in Cagliari, at the Conservatory of Piazza Borino. This event is the main event in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Summer Week, which is underway in the capital and organized for the seventh year by the association S’Animu and this year, for the 21st edition of Polaris, Sardinian athletes will also be selected and faced with several champions, selected from the best and emerging professionals in the sector. Born in 2015 in England, Polaris has always been a fixture in the professional jiu-jitsu tournaments and international tournaments, combining over time “entertainment and artistic gestures,” explains Daniele Besso, one of the organizers of BJJ Summer Week. In particular, “Polaris has a specific regulation that values ​​submission as the ultimate goal of combat compared to classic points and merits. This type of rule emphasizes dynamic struggle and jeopardizes deadlocks or passivity, giving an unprecedented spectacle to those helping you.”

In the Polaris competition, a classic tournament with men’s-90kg and women’s-70 groups, the finalists got the chance to reach the bottom card on Saturday 24th, and were selected from among the most talented and emerging wrestlers. Among the notable names on the main card are Italian Luca Anacoreta (multiple hero), the great Michele Nicolini, the legend of the world BJJ, and Robson Moura, the hall of fame of the world’s largest jiu-jitsu federation. This year’s martial arts festival will also be enriched by the agreement with the UFCpass platform, the TV channel dedicated to the ultimate mixed martial arts fighting championship, which will bring the image of Sardinia to the world, as if hosting the event that, since its founding, has not left England and Wales (which have always been two host countries for different editions). More than 700 athletes, coming from 42 countries, are taking part in Cagliari for the seventh edition of the Brazilian Summer Ju-Jitsu Week, with competitions and shows held between Palapucci, the building located in Via Rockefeller, the Monte Mixe facility.

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Also in this edition, Summer Week is a great opportunity for the capital and the entire metropolitan area to really show itself. Hotels, B&Bs and even second homes in the metropolitan area welcome the BJJ group, athletes, comrades and families, “with the usual spirit of introducing the region and the beauty of Sardinia, as well as the local flavors this year, with an exhibition of athletes, wine producers and exemplary products, as the organizers explained. Among the partners of this edition there are Charity Reorg, an organization that was born in England and then landed in New Zealand and the United States, that helps military and veterans overcome mental and physical disabilities through combat and BJJ. Within Summer Reorg experts will explain the psychological and therapeutic benefits of BJJ.

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