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Sansonetti flattens the formiculi and sends the left to a wall spin.  "Who is a fascist ..." Checkmate in Mussolini's tempo

Sansonetti flattens the formiculi and sends the left to a wall spin. “Who is a fascist …” Checkmate in Mussolini’s tempo

The pre-election media attack on the League of Italy’s brothers again and again united the left against the “danger of fascism”. But even to the right of the center are the critical voices in the Fonbage-Beassapulida mode. To send the left straw in the last few hours, there are tweets from the director Reformer Piero Sansonetti resumes conflict on Thursday, October 7, in the TV lounge of Corrado Formigili, the second chapter of the investigation into the alleged “black lobby” that erupted two days before the local election broadcast. But not only that. In the transmission he discussed the conflict between the conductor and Guido Crosseto about Regel Mussolini, the champion of options for FdI in Rome.

“There is a population of nostalgic fascists and neo-fascists, they will get votes and compete,” Formikili argued, announcing Mussolini’s old tweet that he would not celebrate April 25. “You have to explain how I’m not nominated for a woman named Rachel Mussolini and she’s getting so many votes.

Sansonetti paid a sensational torpedo on Piazepulida’s conductor on Twitter. “Formigli’s attack on Rachel Mussolini was horrific and disgraceful to the press. It would have been nice if Guido Crochetto had raised his voice. If there was a fascist between Formigli and Mussolini, it was not Rachel …” He then responded to criticism and comments from various users.

“The abolition of political rights in Italy for ideological reasons only took place between 1923 (October) and 1945. Formigli, today, connects with those ideas,” he wrote to another commentator on the social network.

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