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Samp, Pucci's request refused, Renzi is the only one left for the D series. But Franco Fedele is not there

Samp, Pucci’s request refused, Renzi is the only one left for the D series. But Franco Fedele is not there

San Benedetto del Tronto – News arrived a short time ago that Manolo Pucci’s request to restart from the Italian league has been officially rejected. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s real news because he’s been in the ropes for more than one reason. I’m not explaining it because someone might be offended, but for those hanging out with me, I’ve said in recent days that it was a premise I wouldn’t have accepted.

In short, no storm out of the blue, also because there is nothing else in the Sambenedettese style. I cried when FIFA chased Samp out of all tournaments for the first time. Not this time because I gradually came to terms with it as if you had lost a loved one after several months of illness.

There is a loved, hated, and outcast in San Benedetto, Franco Fedele, who is more angry than angry.

“What do you want me to tell you, I am so angry that I somehow wanted to make up for what happened after my farewell. I was persuaded, with lunches and dinners in San Benedetto, to return somehow, but the law prevented me from doing it in person. I intend to appeal but within So, I agreed to help the San Benedetto Consortium with my sponsorship and some of my entrepreneurial friends. To slowly return to the role he held for 5 years.”

While that?

“When it came to ordering a Series D, for the treatment of vertical drop in red and blue, I agreed to take part in the bid through my friends from San Benedetto. In response, Mayor Manolo Pucci preferred us. Piunti told me if I wanted to take over if those order failed Who won the tender. I replied I don’t keep anyone.

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So everywhere, Samb now risks ending up in the upgrade.

“I took it very badly and decided that Samb was closed to me and that I would not take any other company. Samb or nothing. Mayor chose Bucci and we were rejected.”

I add: Pasqualino Bounte fell for the fifth time.

Fedeli’s last question: You’re so used to changing your mind, would you do it again this time?

“I don’t think so because I will return to only one condition: training grounds, suitable structures for a club that wants to return to higher levels of football and more than I will say, if the next mayor asks me for help.”

What else can I say? It should have ended like this (Renzi’s suggestion has very little hope but who knows). My thinking at the moment is ‘hope’: we’ve really hit rock bottom and now we can only climb.” Unfortunately, I said it even after Pinotti had landed, but it wasn’t.”We just have to cry.

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