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Samantha Migliore dies in Maranello, cosmetologist Pamela Andres inquires: I do not know she is dead

Samantha Migliore dies in Maranello, cosmetologist Pamela Andres inquires: I do not know she is dead

The woman who set up the breast injection was set up for 35-year-old Samantha Migliore, who died two days ago in Maranello. Pamela Andres, also known as the Woman, said she left the house believing Migliore was still alive. “The next day I understood what had happened and that they were looking for me.”

Pamela Andres is not just a cosmetologist: for life she has always organized fashion shows and events known in the transgender world. Samantha Miglior, 50, of Salvador de Bahia, received a breast injection and died two days ago at the age of 35 following cosmetic treatment at home. According to courier Della Serra, injections cost 1,200 euros. The 50-year-old says what he calls “therapy” is actually a medical surgery that can only be done by specialists with specific qualifications. In this case, however, the woman would not have even obtained permits for the cosmetic business. When he appeared before the police yesterday evening, Maranello said he did not understand what happened at home. “Samantha was alive when I left – she said – I understood what had happened and they were just looking for me the next day. I could not believe such a horrible thing.” The woman is being assisted by lawyers Francesco Andreuli and Guido Guida.

Investigations revealed that the 50-year-old man had injected himself into the woman’s home. The 35-year-old is said to have called her husband when she fell ill and later disappeared shortly after. Migliore’s new husband said, “Before leaving, he gave me water and sugar.” The 50-year-old was founded at Carabinieri Barracks in Sento.In the Ferrara area, Yesterday evening. Andres was questioned by authorities and was in the barracks all day before returning home in a free state. Investigators believe there is no danger of escaping or committing the crime again. “My client is upset – 50-year-old Francesco Andrulli’s lawyer said – it’s not true that she ran away: she was still there when Samantha was unwell and the ambulance was called.

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According to attorney Guido Guido, Samantha Miglio had known the woman for some time because they both lived in Naples. The 50-year-old moved to Sento, where his partner lives, and had to travel to Milan to organize an event. According to his report, the 50-year-old was already undergoing treatment like Migliore a few years ago. “I think it’s a sting. The two talked about money, but no figures were agreed. The money was made in a friendly way,” the lawyer explained. Andres said he was scared because he did not know what was going on at the time. He has never been a cosmetologist, but he occasionally offers these treatments to acquaintances. Meanwhile, an autopsy was conducted on the body of a 35-year-old man to verify the hypothesis of anaphylactic shock. A feature that allows other aspects of the story to be clarified.