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Samantha Curcio, severe accusations on the body: Alessio interferes

Samantha Curcio, severe accusations on the body: Alessio interferes

Former troon player Samantha Curcio has come under attack for her physical appearance: her boyfriend, Alessio Senicola, steps in to defend her.

Samantha Curcio was the first zigzag tronista In the story “Men and Women”: a privilege granted to her by Maria de Filippi with great pleasure. After years in which the aspirants for the throne reflected in all respects the canons current beautyFinally, the audience recognized this choice as an opportunity on the part of the program. Samantha, without a doubt, lived up to expectations.

Although many users have always cheered for her, some haters They never fail to harass and criticize her because of her The physical aspect. The tronista herself, shortly before the selection, admitted that she had read many comments against her, but did not allow herself to be moved. But recently, it seems that criticism has escalated to the point that her boyfriend صديق Alessio’s intervention to defend it.

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Samantha Curcio, severe accusations on the body: Alessio interferes

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If Samantha has always overlooked a file criticism Developed from the web, her boyfriend Alessio Senicola was not able to do the same. A few days ago, in response to some users who addressed him in inappropriate terms, the former suitor relentlessly lost his patience. “I want to say one thing For all those who are still thinking about these thingsAlessio began expressing himself with anger and nervousness.

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But do you really think about a kilogram more or less? To me, Sam is as beautiful as the sun, she’s the prettiest ever“- the former suitor thundered, defending his girlfriend with a sword-”I’m lucky to have her by my sideAs Ceniccola proved so abundantly, the evil of some haters knows no bounds; and yet, the young Roman was able to silence everyone in no time at all.

for him Link With Curcio, born in “Men and Women”, it seems At full speed. There is no doubt that a relationship like theirs is not afraid of gossip or criticism of people on social media.