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Samantha Cristoforetti video


An exceptional new video posted by us Samantha Cristoforetti: This time the astronaut shows us The aurora borealis seen from space.

Twilight from space Samantha Cristoforetti video

Breathtaking photos, really cool, that Samantha Cristoforetti brought us this time. Our “Astro Samantha” is in orbit on the International Space Station for the Minerva mission, and as it often happens, you post some photos or videos of what you see from space, and you definitely have a distinct point of view. The protagonist of his footage today Dawn, with its beautiful green glow He seems to caress the surface of the earth to wake him up and welcome the day.

How many of us are fascinated here and there online in admiring phenomena like the aurora borealis visible in Scandinavia? How many dream of being able to watch it live? Well, if this desire is feasible enough to be fulfilled, seeing it from space is a unique thing. For this reason, we thank Astronaut Male more for sharing a wonderful insight that leads us to dream.

What are twilights?

twilight! Do you know what makes the air shine? Electrically charged particles from the sun collide with air particles. They can be seen in the far northern and southern regions of the Earth… Do you know why?

This is the explanation provided by Samantha Cristoforetti, who added this description to the video. There is still one last question that requires an answer, but we bring you this one. First of all, we must imagine the Earth as a fairly giant spherical magnet, with two slightly flattened poles. But beware not to confuse the geographic poles with the magnetic poles, as they are not completely superimposed. The sun releases a stream of charged particles (As Cristoforetti explained) directed toward our planet, but that flow faces an obstacle: the magnetosphere, which picks up only some particles while deflecting others.

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Particles that are retained trace the lines of force of the magnetic field Thus, it reaches the ionosphere near the magnetic poles and then collides with the electrons of the atoms of the atmosphere. The atom is affected by collisions with particles, and to restore its stability, it needs to lose energy. This function is expressed byPhoton emission, even in the visible spectrum. here then The aurora borealis originatesWhich varies in color according to the type of corn stirred.


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