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Peace was reached between Georgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini at 21.10 in Verona. The Northern League leader takes the stage of the event in support of the outgoing mayor Federico Sorina, embraces him and interrupts the intervention of the Italian Brothers leader. Later, Sporina and Venice President Luca Joao were photographed in the background of Festive Square.
“In their face,” Meloni said, hugging Salvini and turning to the left as he finished speaking again. “Because they said we’re going to be like Romeo and Juliet, I guarantee we will not end up the same way,” Salvini replied after a while.
A sign of the similarity between the two that has clashed in the distance in recent days over the dominance and rules between the center-right forces. An numerical hegemony that could accurately raise the bar in favor of FDI in Verona sent Sporina off the civil list to Meloni’s party, which has become its main supporter in Veneto, the ‘kingdom’ of the league. Luca Jaya.
However, Matteo and Georgia gave the impression of being in love and harmony. “I like to read headlines and controversies in the newspapers. We are here and we are as beautiful as the sun,” Salvini said.
The ‘Iron Pact’ between Lega and the FDI in Verona was re-signed in support of Sforina’s re-election, but there is great concern about the tears of Forza Italia, who chose to support the former mayor in the city – and the former Northern League – Flavio Dosi, who is still very popular on the Adidas coast.
Without directly mentioning former ally Tosi, Meloni still called on the Veronese people to “use democracy consciously. Do not be fooled, there is only one vote here to defeat the left, and that is what Federico was given. Sporina”.
Shortly before speaking, the leader of the Fdi reiterated: “We do not have Plan B on alliances. For us, the center-right is fundamental. Clearly, for an alliance to be strong and credible, it needs rules. It needs pride,” it needs clarity about the future. That’s what I asked for. “
“The center-right is perfect, the goal is to have some clear ideas. We are proud of who we are and we are not afraid of anyone,” Salvini responded from the podium.

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