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Sally is not sick and has a partner


The story is related to the alleged fatal Sally Spectra disease (Courtney Hope) will have a monopoly on the following companies Italian rings From Beautiful.

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In a short time, it will be discovered that the girl is faking her poor health just to keep it safe White Spencer (Darren Brooks) is attached to himself, because he will realize that he is Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) the woman he really wants by his side. To implement its plan, Spectra will hire a partner, which is the doctor Penny Escobar

Beautiful, news: Katie admits to Watt and Bill that Sally is dying

Based on what he refers to ProgressThe moment Sally trusts, the plot will start to take shape Katie Logan (Heather Tom) is about to die. At this point, Spectra will act by anticipating every move of his interlocutor, who will not be able to remain silent about what should be a secret and will speak candidly to Wyatt and law Project (Don Diamonte) From the inappropriate question.

In that sense, the young Spencer’s reaction would be surprising, given that he would confront Flo over what to do, and in agreement with her, he would decide to return to Sally’s side for the last few weeks of her remaining life.

However, Spectra will also block her “ex-husband” will and will continue to pass strings of her deception to Benny, her medical friend who will want something in return …

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Beautiful, spoiler: Sally and the Promise by Benny Escobar

Oh yeah: Since she graduated in medicine (she ends up in debt) just to please her parents, Benny will allow herself to be showered with promise from Sally, who has said that she is willing to find her a job at Forrester Creations once everything is over, and he will have White’s unconditional love one more time.

Due to their long friendship, Sally will know very well in reality that Escobar has always dreamed of working in the field of fashion and she will focus on this to convince her to continue organizing her illness.

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However, as the episodes progress, Benny will begin to feel guilty and beg Sally to reach the end of their vile plot, which is to discover a miracle cure for her illness. A hypothesis the girl would not want to take into account, because she would understand very well that White had only returned with her awaiting her “death” and that he would leave her again in trouble upon news of his recovery.

Beautiful, intrigues: Flo suspects Sally

What kinds of repercussions will this lead to? Beware of Flo, who will begin to notice inconsistencies in Sally’s stances and statements, and that is why she will carefully monitor her and initiate private investigations with her. Therefore, the spectral lie can be detected at any moment …

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