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Salento: Elisa at Lido Venere (Pesculose) at sea with the family.  At the end of the day: "I'm tired but happy"

Salento: Elisa at Lido Venere (Pesculose) at sea with the family. At the end of the day: “I’m tired but happy”

SALVE (LE) – He wanted to spend a day at the beach and to do so he chose one of the most elegant and exclusive bathing establishments in southern Salento: Lido Venere.
In Pesculoz, Elisa Tortoli, Marina di Salvi (Lee), booked an umbrella and spent the day with her family under the scorching Salento sun on one of the hottest summer days.

His day at Lido Veneer

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He played all day at sea with his daughter Emma (13). On the beach, he also bought some bracelets with which he made two Instagram stories.

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The famous Italian singer, songwriter and record producer who is appreciated around the world dedicated a relaxing day during her tour in Puglia.

In fact, she sang yesterday in Molfetta (Ba) and the day before, on July 23, she sang in Piazza Libertini in Lecce.

From Molfetta, he preferred to return to Salento to enjoy the crystalline Pesculese Sea.

Elisa was helpful and kind to everyone who knew her, which reflects her gentle and polite manner.

Great love and respect for the planet, the singer of Polynesian descent, who dedicated a speech from the theater in defense of nature, only yesterday: This tour comes at a time when the effects of climate change are prevalent. We have to change the way we live.” He said.

The love of nature prompted her to want to spend the day immersed in a wonderful place, on the white beach and in the crystal clear waters of this corner of paradise on the Ionian Sea.

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Then Elisa left Lido Venere, in light of her departure for Matera (next stop), to greet the staff with her obvious kindness and her usual infectious and sensitive smile:I’m tired, but happy “, He confessed.

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