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sacked on Twitter: "Elon Musk will get rid of the team responsible for fighting disinformation"

sacked on Twitter: “Elon Musk will get rid of the team responsible for fighting disinformation”

It’s only been a week since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, and yet many things have already changed. Most of all, right now, it’s about Mass layoffs It happened in the last few hours. It wasn’t enough to send the company’s top executives home and actually take over as the sole board member, Musk decided to overdo it and fire the company. Half of the company’s employees Which at the end of October had 7,500 employees.
Surprisingly, however, it is also a file How were the workers laid off?. The email informed employees Thursday evening that discounts had arrived. “In an effort to get Twitter back on a healthy track, we will face the difficult process of shrinking our global workforce,” the text read. “We are aware that this will affect a number of people who have made a valuable contribution to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the company’s future success.”
The email alerted employees that they would know their final dismissal by 9 a.m. PT Friday. But several employees, already late Thursday night, said they did They lost access to their email and Slack accountsA sign that they will lose their jobs.

All this happens while different companiesincluding Pfizer, Audi, Volkswagen, General Mills and Mondelez International – the home that makes Oreo cookies – Comment their listings On the platform, waiting to understand which direction to take. Musk immediately shifted all responsibility to the pressure of activists. Twitter suffered a significant drop in revenue, Due to the pressure of activist groups on advertisersAnd the Although nothing has changed in the moderation of content We did everything possible to satisfy the activists. A real mess! – and concludes in a tweet – They are trying to destroy freedom of expression in America.”

It is a pity that it is precisely his actions that refute these words. As reported by guardianMusk was going to get all shot Organizing team – Team curators – who took care of Fighting misinformation on the platform. The one they played was A A key role in covering the events of the civil interest Such as elections, breaking news and sports. been considered Primary filter against misleading posts. “This will make Twitter louder, more dangerous and less interesting,” said Richie Asali, a digital producer at the Toronto Star, who said he previously served as a member of the moderation team.

Not only that, under the scythe of recent cuts human rights team. This was announced by the company’s former human rights adviser, Shannon Raj Singh, whose team has been involved in implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, to Protecting people at risk in global conflicts and crisesincluding Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Class action of ex-employees: They accuse Twitter of not receiving the correct notice
A group of former employees has filed a class action lawsuit in US Federal Court in San Francisco, demanding Twitter comply with federal law Workers’ Amendment and Retraining Notification Actwhich provides a file 60 days notice of mass layoff with big employers.
The lawsuit, filed on behalf of five Twitter employees, says one of them was fired on November 1, while three have not yet been notified of their dismissal at the time of the complaint, but have been banned from their email accounts. Then one is cited The situation is similar to the layoffs in another company for MaskAnd the Teslawhere the company sought a complete exemption from the obligations of the Warning Act by offering a salary adjustment for one or two weeks.
“The plaintiffs are reasonably concerned that, in the absence of court intervention, Twitter will engage in similar conduct and seek the release of dismissed employees without informing them of their rights or pending such action,” the document reads.

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