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Sace, exports are still growing, in 2025 will reach 679 billion – the last minute


This year, Italian merchandise exports will grow by 3.7% and in 2025 by 4.5%, reaching €679 billion. Technological innovation in all sectors is driving growth. This is prompted by Sace’s Export Practice 2024 report released today, which delves into the growth potential of Italian exports and new ways companies should focus on them.

In detail, sales of green products made in Italy will reach 50 billion abroad by 2025. Our country is among the leaders in exporting goods with low-carbon technologies which is expected to grow by 11.1% in 2024 and 13.7% next year.

Among the geographical destination regions, excellent prospects come from the 14 countries in which Sace is present and in which nearly 80 billion worth of Italian goods were directed last year, a value that will grow by 5.4% this year and 7% in 2025: from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. United Arab Emirates to Singapore, via India, Vietnam and China; Abroad in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, to return to the old continent with Serbia, Turkey and then Morocco, Egypt and South Africa, “countries that – we read in the report – distinguished themselves in terms of growth, ambition, transformation and high potential.”

“Italian companies find themselves crossing the threshold of a new era, where, in order to be competitive, they must rethink and invest, focusing on flexible and sustainable organizational models and looking to the future – said Alessandra Ricci, CEO of Sace – and for all of this, Sace exists, Together with companies with solutions, people and offices, in Italy and around the world.”

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