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Sabrina Ferelli, the truth of Maria de Filippi: “With her I can do things …”

Sabrina Ferilli allowed herself to go for the confession of Maria de Filippi, the true Queen of Mediaset Networks, and about her experience in friendsAnd the He can be identified with good reason as the father of all talents. Confessions of a brilliant Romanian actress, and now again Judge A You yes q jm.

Although not attending as a regular guest this year, Sabrina Ferrelli With pleasure following the boys of Italy’s most famous school, he reveals an unexpected tale about the presenter and very dear life friend who appeals to Italians of all ages.

Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi

They were practically lifelong friends Queen Mary and Sabrina Ferrelli. They are completely different and yet they want a lot of good. It is not for nothing that they often see each other and often talk on the phone. Moreover, when De Filippi works on some broadcast, she always invites the Romanian artist to collaborate with her or appear in some episodes as a very welcome guest. Both are now playing jurors in the new and very popular version of Tu Si Que Vales Who keeps us company every Saturday night in prime time on Canale 5. Ma my patience In the past, he also played the same role as advertising friends...

Verily, this is the story

Even if at certain times Sabrina Ferrelli Not a regular guest at evening From the father of all talents, it’s not that why the actress doesn’t happily follow a cult show MariaIt is also followed mostly by very young people who dream of participating one day. interview by Smiles and TV songsthe artist He told a tale about the sarcastic curtains that Maurizio Costanzo’s wife Often he gave it willingly, even in spite of himself.

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Maria loves to put her in trouble

Maria likes to get me in troubleBut it is a sign of trust and affection. I’m not going to let that to everyone, eh! we let’s play, With her I can do things I wouldn’t do with anyone else.” Sabrina She also came back to talk about her participation at the end Sanremo Festival Which will be held this year for the fourth time in a row by the legendary Amadeus.

The stainless bond between Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli
Sabrina Ferilli at Amadeus

On the stage of Ariston, the actress allowed herself to go into a wonderful monologue that amazed many viewers with its simplicity, which went viral in a few minutes on Social. This is her statement regarding her holdings, not just the most recent, in the event known, appreciated and known around the world: “I let myself go, I enjoyed it! Whenever I compare it to my first experience in festival And I was happier. Since 1996 I remember a lot of stress and effort, and I felt the weight of responsibility.”