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Sabelli: "Assets, Cashback, and Tax Powers: I'll Tell You How It Goes"

Sabelli: “Assets, Cashback, and Tax Powers: I’ll Tell You How It Goes”

It was a very imprudent proposal and had no economic basis. ”Economist Giulio Sabelli, who interviewed him ilgiornale.itThus he rejects Lita’s proposal to increase the inheritance tax to help the youth.

What are the implications of justice for the economy?

“I think that any turmoil we inflict on the middle classes already affected by the epidemic and the economic crisis, which can revive capitalization, would create an economic shiver that would afflict us in international markets and stimulate the flight of Italian capital abroad. It is provoked in this country whenever we anticipate such as These positions, and I believe that it was a reckless economic policy that exposes the disintegration of the parties, and in this case the Democratic Party loses all its regional references. “

Do you agree with Draghi’s economic policy?

I don’t know what it is because the prime minister did not express that. I know what Draghi’s political line is from a banking and monetary point of view because he expressed it as a candidate, unfortunately imposed by the United States on Europe against Germany. Will. , As president of the European Central Bank. We all know on the theoretical basis on which quantitative easing rests. I must say that Draghi’s economic policy is still far fetched because we are not in front of a project, but we have limited ourselves to accepting PNR and saying that we would have done our best to implement it by creating what I have long called “good debt” rather than “bad debt”. It is the debt resulting from investing, creating capital profit and further reducing wages. However, it is the economic policy of this government, but I cannot know it because I do not know a document that adequately expresses it, and the statements made to journalists are not enough tti economic from both sides, but this does not exist. “

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What do you think of the passenger name register?

“NRP has been created in a very distracting way. We don’t have a focus for investments in a few points like France and Germany did. I think it is very weak because, as in the French case, it does not provide a great deal of help to small businesses which is rather the strength, it should be done.” “Organized by a strong shock process at the infrastructure level, on multimodal logistics, which makes the coastal area one of the strengths of our economic resilience. It is full of goodwill, but it has no remedial shock.”

How should tax reform be structured?

“Tax reform is very complex and delicate, and it must be done through the formation of a special mixed committee of party representatives and tax experts. Above all, it must meet the progressive standards of the constitution. It must not lower the wage bill or affect pensions. Turning around and fighting Europe’s deflation

What do you think about cashback?

“I consider it a harmful procedure so much that if you go to Germany, to a restaurant in Berlin, more than 60% of the locals accept cash and often don’t even have a credit card. It’s a suggestion that doesn’t make sense in theory and politics. It’s just a punitive suggestion toward me.” The poor. “

Will it be in favor of the flat tax?

“The named flat tax has no meaning. We need to reduce the tax tax and the bureaucratic burden associated with the tax tax, real reform that does not cost a penny. We need to present a complete package that includes public administration reform and tax cuts, especially on business and work.”

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How do we fight tax evasion?

“Reducing tax evasion is based on a pact between the state and the citizen, and not on oppression.”