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Ryder and the "Jobs Economy", the EU Commission's proposal to ensure protection.  Up to 4 million fictitious freelance workers will be hired as employees

Ryder and the “Jobs Economy”, the EU Commission’s proposal to ensure protection. Up to 4 million fictitious freelance workers will be hired as employees

circa 28 million people In Europe they work for it digital platforms, who are they Food delivery for Uber. he is 90% framed as Self-confident, ma 5.5 million They will have characteristics that must be considered in all respects employees. Faced with these estimates, the dozens of sentences who – which DItaly a FranceAnd Germany NS Spain They realized secondary nature business relationship, and European Commission Take this step by recognizingAn invitation arrived in September from the European Parliament. On Wednesday, December 8, the EU executive, as expected, approved a package of ad hoc measures, which includes a proposal for a routing Aiming to increase guarantees. Also in light of the fact that the so-called “temporary labor economy” is constantly expanding: between 2016 and 2020, platforms experienced Revenues Fivefold increase, to €20 billion, and usable between now and 2025 43 million people.

The essence of the document, which will be officially presented on Thursday, concerns the recognition of subordination. It promises to have a significant impact, especially on the treatment of racer, whose activity is often quite conditional a algorithm which determines the degree of reliability for each factor Determine the possibility of choosing preferred shifts. If the guidance is passed, it will be enough for them to be respected two criteria In a list that includes eg Supervisor On performance through electronic means, having Restrictions on free choice of working time and the Determine the reward level For which platform will be considered a real business owner. Therefore, his assistants have the right Minimum salary (in the countries where it is located), HolidayAnd illness and any other protection guaranteed to employees. Platforms will be able to object, but they will have to prove that the worker is truly self-employed.

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The second pillar relates to Transparency In using algorithms: human monitoring On any decision regarding working conditions, “temporary workers” – as well as unions and labor authorities – will have the right to Get information Regarding the functioning of the system that defines tasks, rewards and rewards. Finally, pallets will be requested Authority All data regarding the number of people they employ in the country and under what circumstances.

Potential impact on 4.1 million workers. The lobby in action against modernity – The new rules, according to EU estimates, could lead to a “retraining” of workers in 4.1 million workers. Obviously, this would also involve a great deal Increases subordinate contributions Paid, estimated at up to €4 billion per year for the entire European Union. For the proposal to enter into force, it must be approved by Parliament NS Council of the European Union, resist efforts the pressure from the sector. The first warnings have already arrived: a representative of the Estonian platform for car sharing, private transport and food delivery Bolt he said to Reuters Guidance will do the trick One in two drivers lose their jobs in the EU.” Individual states then have to convert the directive into national legislation. Only now The Spain Adopt a law under which passengers are employees. Deliveroo decided to leave. However, if all European countries work together, it will be more difficult to circumvent the imposition of more guarantees.

for every Daniela RondinelliM5s MEP, “Recognizing that the riders are all-round employees, not self-employed or self-employed, the Commission rejects the notion that in Europe there is Italian Serie A and Serie B workers All the ambitious proposals It was approved by the European Parliament in September, however Supervision That the absence at the European level of Standard definition of self-employed and subordinate worker It may lead us to an incomplete application as the regulations vary greatly from country to country.”

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Gaps in Italian legislation and sentences Italy’s Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando He said he was satisfied with the European decision. “Even on platforms they can nest Phenomena similar to Corporal In agriculture it is an unacceptable condition, “a Radio Ray Ono Commenting on progress. Italian legislation currently has many flaws. in 2019 Decree to protect work and corporate crises Yellow and green government Ruled that the bell Cococo (Based on one of the implementing rules of the Jobs Act) They have the right to see each other Application discipline of business relationship, including a wage expected from Collective agreement for logistics and freight transport. But most riders are excluded, framed as self employed: For them there is only a prohibition by piece More strict, in the sense that the remuneration cannot be based “to a predominant extent” on the number of deliveries made. Often it is eliminate: power of attorney Milan for example I have branded Glovo, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat for hire Nearly 60 thousand people guarantees from subordinates. A year ago, then, Court Palermo For the first time, Glovo was asked to designate one of his passengers as an employee indefinitely. It is from a few days ago The rejection By the Florence Court of Collective Agreement signed by yugl NS Delivery: For judges this is a convenience agreement, the union abbreviation is not representative and is “too close” to the platforms.

In any case, the diligence on the subject is not uniform. Only on December 8th, while UNHCR was releasing the package, was a file of Labor Court in Brussels The Belgian Labor auditor, the National Social Security Office, unions and some previous couriers erred, noting that the relationship between the riders and Deliveroo was not a paid employment relationship. The judge did not find “any element that disclosesConcrete exercise of hierarchical powerThrough the platform.

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