Sunday, July 21, 2024

Rwanda: ‘King of Genocide’ Bagosora dies in prison – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 26 – Rwandan Army Colonel Tionesti Bagosora, 80, who was awarded the title “King of Genocide” in the field, has died at the age of 80 in a hospital in Bamako, where he was taken to hospital due to problems In the heart. . This was announced by his son Achilles to the BBC.

Bagasura, a prominent figure in the Rwandan Ministry of Defense at the time of the genocide, was serving his sentence in a Malian prison for the 1994 massacres when 800,000 people – mostly Tutsis – were killed in 100 days.

In 2008, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda found Bagasura guilty of crimes against humanity and orchestrated the murders of several political figures, including Prime Minister Agathe Olingyimana, and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The sentence was subsequently reduced to 35 years.

Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, the commander of the UN peacekeeping force during the genocide, called Bagosora the “pivot” behind the killings and claimed the former colonel had threatened to kill him.

Bagosora’s request for early release was denied earlier this year. He should have completed his sentence at the age of 89. (Dealing).

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