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Russia, Stefano Guidotti released. When the Italian-Russian director was kidnapped – Il Tempo


On June 28, Italian-Russian citizen Stefano Guidotti, director of the SIAD Group company who is still in Russia, was attacked as he was leaving his home in Moscow, put in a car and detained for several hours. The citizen was released – as Adnkronos learned from diplomatic sources – on June 29 after the intervention of local police forces, and was found in good health.

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The Embassy and Consulate General in Moscow, informed by the citizen’s wife on June 28, followed the matter with the utmost attention from the first moments and maintained constant contact with the Russian police forces and the company’s top management in Italy, as well. As is the case with the citizen’s family members and Guidotti himself upon his release to provide them with any necessary assistance. Investigations are still ongoing, and the most accepted theory at the present time is the theory of kidnapping for the purposes of extortion. According to the Mash channel on Telegram, affiliated with, a news site close to the security forces, the director was found in the Bryansk region, a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Also according to Mash, three alleged kidnappers, identified only as 22-year-old Ali Z., Nader A., ​​and Zalomkhan E., were arrested. SIAD is a Bergamo-based company specializing in natural gas processing and liquefaction plants.

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