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Russia fears a Ukrainian drone attack at Christmas, and GPS signals around Moscow are malfunctioning

over there Russia Jamming of satellite navigation intensified, especially around it He fliesin an apparent effort to fend off any long-range attacks from before Drones Ukrainians. Updates from the tracking site GPS jam They show that Russian jamming activity has increased significantly in recent days.

Ukraine, General Tricariko: “Disappointment of Zelensky, the visit to the United States is not a sign of détente”

GPS signals faltered around Moscow, what do we know

Every day, billions of people use the GPS satellite system to navigate around the world, but GPS signals are compromised. Spoofing and spoofing attacks can completely disrupt GPS communications or cause something to appear in the wrong location, causing security and disruption issues.

recent outages

On December 5, GPSJam recorded a limited amount of GPS interference in Russia: most of the interference it recorded occurred around Moscow, where the Kremlin had been messing with GPS communications for years. However, since December 11, many areas of the country have experienced GPS outages, according to data collected by GPSJam. Additionally, wireless data analytics company Aurora Insight measured increased GPS signal levels in the area in early December, a sign of possible GPS interference.

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