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Rules for bars, restaurants, gyms and hotels

Rules for bars, restaurants, gyms and hotels

Covid super green pass in Italy, here we go: From tomorrow Monday, December 6, 2021, new rules will come into effect – for bars, restaurants, cinemas and theaters – which will be in effect until January 15, 2022. Starting next week there will be Enhanced Green Certificate, issued only to people who have been vaccinated or cured, essential for those who have had a molecular smear, valid for 72 hours, or antigen for 48 hours, useful – among other things – for going to work or using public transportation such as buses and metros.

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Bars, restaurants and clubs

The super green lane will also be adopted in the white area. For a variety of activities – bars, indoor restaurants, shows, parties, discos – a vaccine will be needed, while a swab is enough to start work.

Gyms and swimming pools

To go to the gym and swimming pool, the basic green lane will be enough, but if the zone passes into the yellow zone, then the super green lane will be needed. Also approved by Buffer for “Spaces used as changing rooms and showers to perform outdoor sporting activities, except for accompanying persons who are not self-sufficient due to age or disability”

Hotels and hotels

The Super Green Pass obligation does not relate to hotel entrance or hotel meals. For hotel guests, it is enough to have the basic green pass, which can also be obtained simply with a molecular or antigenic pad. Likewise, Federalberghi points out, those staying in a hotel can easily access the restaurant, bar, wellness center and hotel pool by showing off the primary green walkway.

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From December 6, 2021, catering services performed in hotels or other accommodation facilities and intended exclusively for customers residing there, will be allowed to be provided to holders of a non-“enhanced” green certificate.

Weddings and ceremonies

Baptisms, weddings, communions, and other events following civil and religious ceremonies are excluded from activities that require the super green walkway. For those, a basic green lane will still suffice even after December 6. In fact, the circular states: “As a result of this provision – Decree of November 26, Editing – persons with the aforementioned “enhanced” green certificate will be allowed access to: performances, sporting events as spectators, restaurants indoors, parties ( excluding those resulting from civil and religious ceremonies), public ceremonies, ballrooms, discos and similar places.

bus and metro

From December 6, the Basic Green Certificate is also required for local public transport, such as buses, metro and for medium and long-distance vehicles (airplanes, ships, intercity trains, high-speed trains, express mail, cable cars, gondola lifts, ski facilities). The simple green certificate remains sufficient for the entire rail network and for public transport.

Company clearing

Canteens and catering services are excluded from the Enhanced Green Corridor obligation.

Museums, cinemas and theatre

The new rules regarding the containment of epidemic infection, in force since Monday, December 6, are very clear for places of culture and stipulate that the ultra-green corridor is not required in museums, archives and libraries, in the white and yellow areas. So you will continue to access the green lane, in full compliance with the rules and with the obligation to wear a mask. Unlike cinemas, theaters and concert halls, which will remain open at 100% capacity, entry will only be possible through the super green corridor.

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Zone Pass

If passing in the orange zone, restrictions and restrictions do not apply, but only holders of the enhanced green lane can access the activities. Those who have joined the vaccination campaign (even without the third dose) or are cured of Covid will be able to access all of those rooms and services even if where they live becomes a yellow or orange zone. Movement restrictions and lockouts for everyone (not just for not using Vax) in the red zone. Especially the case of the ski lifts on the ski slopes: in the white and yellow areas the simple green pass is required, in the orange area the super green pass.


Those who already have a valid green pass for vaccination or redemption do not have to download a new certificate because the Verification C19 application will recognize its validity. From December 15, 2021, the validity period of the Green Corridor is reduced from the current 12 to 9 months.


In terms of controls, “weekend controls in shopping and nightlife areas” will be strengthened and the role of local public transport companies will be central. This was established by a circular from the Prime Minister of the Viminale Bruno Frattasi to the governors. For public transport, checks may be “even on a sample basis”, as they should not affect “the fluidity of the service” in order to “avoid potential gatherings, especially on local public transport”, as well as any “public order implications”.

In the sector of public establishments and restaurants, the circular states that “the monitoring activity of the municipal police must be considered to be of certain importance”. “In order to avoid interference with the activities of other police forces, in particular the Financial Guard, and to make the monitoring procedures more effective and efficient, it was emphasized that the services concerned in this area should be subject to careful planning. The dates of the monitoring services associated with the Christmas and New Year holidays will be fixed,” the circular concluded. new”.

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