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Rugby, South Africa threatens Italy's position in the six countries

Rugby, South Africa threatens Italy’s position in the six countries

Nothing official, let alone immediate consequences. But compared to the individual votes raised for some time from time to time against Italy’s survival in the Six Nations rugby, this time there seems to be a more solid and tangible possibility.

From many media outlets in the UK and South Africa, there is news that it is difficult to classify it completely as “fake”: the South African Football Association has agreed to a new three-year participation of its national team in the Southern Hemisphere Championship (the same commitment from 2022 to 2024) But it is aiming for its entry into the Six Nations starting with the 2025 edition. And the team that sacrificed, as part of a process that would open the doors of the event to a non-European for the first time, be Italy, as d besides, it was easy to imagine .

To push in this direction will first of all be the CVC private equity fund, which was awarded 14.5% of Six Nations Limited, the company that runs the Six Nations, which has spent an amount exceeding 350 million euros. A force in sports investments, which recently acquired 10% of La Liga, among others.

CVC will aim to maximize the profits of the most popular rugby tournament in existence by bringing in a world champion team, which will presumably mean greater contributions from sponsors, larger television audiences with increased television revenue, and greater popularity on a global scale.

Of course, the more and more disappointing results in the six countries (33 consecutive defeats, the last victory in 2015 in Scotland) have a lot of weight: from this point of view, Italy could not put forward the reasons in favor of their own. And with its exit, it will suffer a terrible economic blow. Suffice it to say that Ferrari’s 2019 financials (the last in the pre-Covid era) showed a turnover of €46.5 million, of which nearly 20 are derived directly from participation in the six countries. Which then became a driving force for other income, starting with the national team sponsorship.

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