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Rt Hospital: What it is and how it changes the parameter for the colors of the regions


Rome, 11 May 2021 – Covid: Colorful Italy ‘Goes towards the so-calledRt Hospital ‘. They really should be the last daysindice Rt (Transfer code: Here is the latest data section by region) We have known him in recent months. In fact, the pressure of the regions on the government and the CDS is ever increasing Parameter The most important of the 21 determining the allocation of different areas Colored bars (Here is a current map of Italy) Modified or in any case resized its importance for the purposes of the colors of the regions.

Covid: Bulletin of May 11

Color-changing areas Column in the orange zone (The threshold is 1 in the lower range). Probably after Control room It is scheduled to take place on Friday (and the government-regional meeting scheduled for Wednesday) i New parameters Should be in government action to determine zones And reopening It looks like it was signed this week. But the latest news from Rome suggests that the issue of reopening may be on the government table Not before Monday Next: In short, Tracy is at the forefront, wanting to wait for the results of the ISS surveillance on Friday, May 14 before making decisions. An important date.

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Remember Pfizer: “Stick to 21 days”

Curfew Order: It goes on until 11 p.m.

Moreover, even within the executive there are no contradictions with this line of thinking: Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa Believes it is correct to use the current Rt code.

Government Archives Rt

Rules for Marriages: Hypothesis 15 June

Rt Hospital

So we are moving towards a parameter that can be defined Rt Hospital It practically photographs the stress level of hospital structures in individual regions. It will be looked at first to determine if an area should be white, yellow, orange or red. In essence, the RT algorithm is no longer basic New cases Govt Found, But in numbers Hospital admission (Hospitalization in ‘normal’ Govt wards and intensive care). The starting point – which the ‘Aberturists’ have repeatedly underlined – photographs the RT of infections as an ‘old one’, not the current situation. It is also believed that weight loss is important during this period of infection The amount of resistance Hospitals. We are currently reminding you of that Important gateway It is 30% for intensive care and 40% for ‘normal’ hospitals.

According to scientists, at this point, it is the number of hospitals that actually counts that is affected by the oscillations of tampons, rather than epidemics. The opportunity to give is not even ruled out High value for weekly events For every 100,000 thousand citizens, data is available almost in real time: now there are areas with an event that is now closer to the white zone of fate (50 weekly cases per million people) still endangering an Rt above the threshold. According to the Agi Agency, even if the CDS levels were different, it would have been in favor of the hospital RT.

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It remains to be seen how it will be there Concrete collapse Of the new algorithm. Not sure yet about this.

Data from hospitals

Second Agents The condition of intensive care is improving: the national threshold stands at 24%, and only three regions violate the vital one (Lombardy, Tuscany and Buglia), while Valle de Asta records 30% employment. Friuli Venezuela Giulia (12%) represents the lowest number against Bacchia at 33%.

Event area based on region


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