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Rossella Brescia, years after Amici’s farewell truth: “With Maria de Felipe I have …”

Rossella Brescia, years after Amici’s farewell truth: “With Maria de Felipe I have …”

Rossella Brescia and Maria de Felipe Yobi

friendsat different times, the role of a classical dance teacher has not been placed in the hands of the very upright and stern Alessandro Celentano, but that of the wonderful Rossella Brescia who is undoubtedly a formidable professional, as well as a beautiful woman.

Do you think the ex-wife of director Roberto Sensi held this position when the well-known and popular talent was still called They will be famous! In short, a lot of time has passed since then, but you know why I decided Say goodbye to transmission known to Mediaset networks?

Certainly his fans, primarily those who could be considered the first watch, were also very disappointed because that was Very important job e Which kept her very busy for 9 straight months. And this, in the vast world of entertainment, is a real luxury and golden opportunity!

Moreover, working closely, or rather, very closely with good, highly trained colleagues, as well as with the real lady of Italian television, i.e. the legendary Maria Devilipi, Full discretion enjoyment, not for everyone! But – at a certain point – after thinking about it, she decided to end this extraordinary work and human experiment.

He wanted to try something else and start a new collaboration that wasn’t just about dance which is his greatest love anyway. And so she gave herself to the radio, where she enjoyed herself greatly, and by making the various radio broadcasts among which we shall refer Colorado Where he replaced him even amid controversy Belin Rodriguez. And this – apparently – is still an open wound!

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What really happened with Maria

But how did he take it? Maurizio Costanzo’s wife his decision? What did he tell her? “I spoke to De Felipe, who was very nice to me,” the dancer revealed in one of her recent TV performances. And what do you really think friends? “It’s a good show, at least when I was working on it We’ve worked a lot. I think so far.”

Rossella Brescia, the truth years later
Rossella Brescia Youtube

Furthermore it Scarlett He also stressed that not only professionals and teachers but also children, whether they are singers or dancers, work really hard. In short, being part of Italy’s most famous and famous television school is a wonderful experience, as well as precious, but also tiring and never to be taken lightly.

But she did not take risks – so to speak – because, in addition to being a professional with a capital “P”, she also considers herself “the perfect one”a description given to her by many of her colleagues who also compare her to the wonderful Lorella Cuccarini for this reason.