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Rose of Revenge Episode 5 Subtitled July 5 – Rose of Revenge


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Rose of Revenge Episode 5 July Live

Episode 5 of the new series Rose of Revenge with Murat Onalmis is now available via live streaming on Mediaset Infinity

The fifth point of Rose of RevengeNew Turkish series from Channel 5 with Murad Onalmi (Demir Yaman Terra Building), aired on Friday, July 5 in prime time on Canale 5.

In the video above, You can watch the full fifth episode of the series. After the live TV broadcast of the same episodes. Rose of Revenge will be available In free streaming on Mediaset Infinity.

Rose of Revenge: Plot of July 5th Episode

Gulsemal and Diva in a scene from the movie Rose of Revenge

Mert begs Diva to forgive him. Because of her betrayal of her with Gulendam and running away with her, but the girl refuses and rushes to Gulsemal, determined to reveal to him that Mert is her ex-boyfriend.

Deva manages to convince Gulsemal to visit his father in the hospital. In return, The man asks Diva to accompany him to the engagement of the mayor’s daughter..

In arms He gives instructions to Shrek to help Deva escape from Gulsemal’s palace.

Meanwhile, Dhafer attends the party. But he prevents the son from revealing their relationship..

It’s escape dayMert seeks a final confrontation with Diva, but she is unwilling to forgive her ex-boyfriend. After that, Diva manages to escape and reach Armagan’s partner’s car.

However, their escape was cut short when Zafer’s men reach them and kidnap the girl..

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Rose of Revenge It is broadcast every Friday on Canale 5 from 9.20 pm and is available on Canale 5 flow Free on Mediaset Infinity, plus other exclusive content.

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