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Rome's new stadium, after companies appeals to the TAR, there is a risk that the project will be banned

Rome’s new stadium, after companies appeals to the TAR, there is a risk that the project will be banned

Great public works in Italy, as we know, have their times and are long. to me Rome It took seven years to arrive on the eve of a conference at the club’s stadium like rome. In the end, the agreement was never signed. In fact, the Capitoline Society last July canceled the public interest of Project A Tour de Valley. “Let’s turn the page. Now let’s look to the future. I want the stadium of Rome to be built,” said the former mayor of M5s, Virginia Raggi, at that time, after the green light of the room Julius Caesar Arrived with great effort. The law was voted on on the second call, with a lower quorum, by only 13 councillors from the M5s and 3 from the center left.

Actually turn the page to a file Capitol Building It’s not easy. The promise made, to voters and fans, by all mayoral candidates on the campaign trail now threatens to backfire on Palazzo Senatorio’s new tenant. As expected, the companies involved presented Appeal to the tar against the decision. And pleas, in the face of what Purchase code, risking derailing the project if not forever, at least for the next ten years.

Resources – On the 27th of last October, jornova (From the Parnasi family, the company that should have built the stadium) E CPI Tor di Valle (from Czech Radovan Vitek landowner) two different appeals to Lazio tar: both against The capital is Rome. The amount of damages, adding up what has already been invested and how much the operation will gain for the two companies, comes to approximately 300 million euros. Eurnova reports total losses approx 32.5 million; CPI for more than 260.2 million euros. The Tar judges haven’t expressed themselves yet, and even when they do, it’s expected that they will court procedures: For now, on the economic front, the municipal authority can rest assured. What should you worry about Roberto Gualtieri Instead he enters the club yellow red In the courtrooms, which would put the municipality of Rome in the position of not being able to open new negotiations with Friedkins, the current owners of the sports club.

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Purchase code – “Appeal disputes such as those brought by Eurnova and Cpi can persist in courtrooms for up to a decade,” he explains. Giuseppe Siaglia, management lawyer, expert in urban planning. Moreover – continues Ciaglia – Decree No. 50 of 2016, as amended in 2017 (Procurement Law, ed.) actually refers to a inopportunity For a public entity to start negotiations with a private person who has already proven himself Untrustworthy towards the entity.” In less technical words: until the dispute is closed Municipality of Rome NS like rome It is inappropriate for them to sit again at a negotiating table. Perhaps that is why the only meeting, after the cancellation decision was green-lighted, between former Mayor Raggi and Friedkins was organized in the strictest secrecy at the US Embassy, ​​and not at the Senatorio Palace. It was the 20th of September, and there were a few days before the first election round, and almost nothing leaked out about the confrontation: the “fact-finding meeting.”

Article 80, paragraph 5 of the Procurement Law, indicates the reasons for excluding the economic operator from the contract. “However, it is a practice public administrations, and the offices dealing with town planning, even in the agreement, perform the same checks that are made on contracts with the contracting parties “therefore” clause also applies in this case, assuming that AS Rome, like other persons, must Signing the agreement “If a stadium is to be built in the capital,” Ciaglia explains.

Paragraph 5, the letter C, excludes from public contracts “persons against whom” contracting authority The economic operator was found guilty of crimes Serious professional crimes To make its integrity or reliability questionable.” “The text – explains the lawyer – refers to the premise on which the contract was awarded and the company did not perform it properly, and what happened on the field can raise serious doubts. About the reliability of As Roma that although there was an agreement, it was never canceled, he backed out of the project.” To tell the truth, the agreement that was indicated was between the clauses confiscation In the event of cancellation of the project by the municipality of Rome: the scenario revealed by Irada Capitol BuildingAnd that’s more than the Giallorossi is now putting the new mayor and his government team with their backs on the wall.

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In the letter C third, from the same paragraph 5, there is another reason for exclusion which relates to “the economic operator who showed constant shortage in the performance of a previous contract, which caused it to be rescinded for non-fulfillment or judgment for indemnities or other similar penalties.” compensation request Regarding the “team of supporters” at that point, he could not deal with Roma, or at least it would be inappropriate “, explains Siaglia. In Cancellation decision Indeed, the Capitol asserts, among other things, that it “does not believe conditions exist for recognition of compensation in favor of individuals “because” the rescission order is an actual result attributed to the supporter’s team.” The team consists of Rome and the Builders.

In short, a big headache for the new mayor who, at the dawn of the council, in addition to the city’s decades-old problems, such as waste and transportation, must also find a way out to satisfy the Giallorossi fans, in what the stadium promised. Even with the awareness that it is almost certain that, unless updated unexpected scenarios are opened, the groundwork will not be laid by the end of the mandate.