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Rome is the brightest path in the sky, what is it?  Views March 5, 2022

Rome is the brightest path in the sky, what is it? Views March 5, 2022

In the heart of the evening of March 5 a glowing path crossed the skies of Rome. In fact, while hundreds of Romanians were amazed to see that unexpected sight in the sky, hundreds of Romanians were only a few minutes away from seeing themselves with their noses: a sharp trace with a green tinge that lasted about 25 seconds, enough to be noticed by those present. That precise moment was found outside, perhaps where he had given himself to observe the sky.

The brightest path in the sky of Rome

Numerous reports came in from Rome and its provinces: from the palaces in northern Rome, the glowing path was seen from the most outlying districts and beaches to the city center, where the spectacular exterior of the historic center added to the scene. Breathtaking.

A “politician” crossed the skies of Rome

But what is the glowing path past the skies of Rome? A “fireball” to illuminate the Roman evening, it penetrates into the medium-high atmosphere (usually about 100-150 km altitude) and then dissolves well before touching the ground. The view from the sky over the city of Rome left everyone speechless. “Wonderful show” – they say from Goli Aniyan. “Very close, with a long fire path. Fascinating ”- Comments from Octavia“ Fake ”observers. Not an unusual occurrence. On March 15 last year another glowing path surprised the city Exciting, even in that case, surprise and emotion.

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