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Romanian actress who died at the age of 84

Romanian actress who died at the age of 84

Farewell Rossana di Lorenzo, who died Saturday in her Romanian home, the actress was 84 years old and was the sister of Maurizio Arena. Nephew Pino Ensigno gave the news to Adnkronos. One of her most important roles is the role of the character’s wife, played by Alberto Sordi in one of the episodes of “Common Sense of Humility”.

The actress’s name is particularly associated with the roles of Alberto Sordi’s wife both in the La camera episode of the Husbands movie (for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Nastri d’Argento in 1971) and in the film. El Comón meaning humility, directed by the actor himself. His interpretation is unforgettable, always alongside Albero Sordi in “Smart Holidays”. Ermenia Marchetti was then on Christmas vacation in Carlo Vanzina, as the wife of the late Mario Briga.

Rossana di Lorenzo and Alberto Sordi are associated with dozens of films. He starred in comedies such as the president of “Borgorso Football Club”, “Do You Allow a Lady to Love Your Daughter?” , “Hearts in the Storm”, “The Killer Is the Yellow Boot”, “Wild. Beds”, but also in dramas such as Ferramonteo’s Legacy in Ettore Scola’s “Ballando Ballando” which earned a David nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 1983-1984.

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