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Rom-e, decarbonizing for a better future

Rom-e, decarbonizing for a better future

Festival about environmental sustainability, new energy sources, etc. smart navigation With conferences, test drives, and activities? Entertainment and much more. summarizing f? This is amazing ROM E, Practically a great opportunity? For the public and companies for dialogue within a sector important to the future of our cities? and the environment in general. This is it? The first edition, year zero in which a path is being taken that expands one edition after another? So that Rome also becomes the capital of environmental sustainability?, the Italian reference point for decarbonizing our planet.

Rom-e, future mobility becomes sustainable: follow the live event

Rome at the heart of change

And now, after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s nomination of Rome as a city? 2030 exhibition organizer, Rom-E becomes more? important why? gonna work? From the bridge to the big event Will you confirm? Can we think and create a better world in the city? Which? The cradle of modern culture. Transport electrification, energy use from renewable sources, mobility? more? Green and greater concern for the environment and sustainability? They are our future to respect the planet and preserve it for future generations.

An approach that should concern everyone, Starting with one individual why? And? With a joint effort you can it? important result. Since this first edition, Rom-E wants to give a chance? Touching visitors firsthand, what does environmental sustainability mean? And how will it be? Our future to respect those standards that They will lead us towards a continuous reduction of the gases responsible for global warming.

360 degree green mobility event

Emphasis on the importance of Rom-E and the message that the mail should give? Also from the date He received sponsorship from the Ministry of Environmental Transformation as well as from Roma Capital And by departments of sports, tourism, youth policy, major city events, environmental policy, animal welfare, and citizen relations. rum and yes f? It also benefited from the support of the energy sector in Safe, sustainability? Environmental Energy Resources, which provides 360-degree consultancy in the sector.

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In the special presentation attached to Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport on newsstands on Saturday 2 October, you will find guide to the event taking place in the squares of Rome; Piazza San Silvestro, Largo di Lombardy on Via del Corso, Viale delle Magnoli in Villa Borghese; And a summary of the Talk Rom-E speakers’ comments on sustainability? What is that? held yesterday and made by speakers They are always visible on the site

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