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Rocky: "I will be mayor to everyone, including P.D." |  He criticizes himself for his attacks on Marino: "I don't like it"

Rocky: “I will be mayor to everyone, including P.D.” | He criticizes himself for his attacks on Marino: “I don’t like it”

“Unusual with Marino” – “The experience of a complex city like Rome leads us to reflect – he says in an interview with” Stampa “- and paradoxically only those who hold such a position can fully judge and understand another mayor”, he says to then-mayor Ignacio Marino Related to “gift”. He continues: “A job done 24 hours a day led me to self-criticize. I think the announcement of Orange was unpleasant, but also in terms of receipts. I went through a process of two and a half years; well done, but these are experiences that no one likes. There are differences of opinion with Marino. , But there is respect, it is right to express it “.

“Mayor of all” – Today Virginia Rocky feels like “mayor of all Romans”. “I never try to raise the tone, never go bad. I try to bring about a ‘soft revolution’: by consulting and engaging with citizens.” Based on the assumption that Conte forced Ginger to step aside to prevent him from passing through Casalezio, he categorically denies: “I am not accustomed to political threats: I am not afraid of them, of course I will never use them. Conde’s comparisons think this”.

Summary of M5s Cores – All the different souls of the movement volunteered to support it, he explains: “However, there are different sensibilities that coexist in projects and schemes. Think about the income of citizenship: the same ‘social peace’ we would have had in the Govt period without it?”.

Rays and BT – If the BT candidate votes in the second round and he gets one more vote, he does not respond, as Letta has promised to support him in that case: “I am determined to campaign properly. I hope this commitment applies. To everyone else.” He did not respond to a request to vote for the mayor of Virginia Rocky: “Citizens will pay for it”.

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Bus and garbage on the street – He is responsible for undesirable incidents such as self-burning buses in sheds, dumping of rubbish on the street and burying of graves, but warns: “Subsidiaries were in a state of deep abandonment, we worked on them. With regard to the onslaught of bankruptcy on the brink, he has kept his accounts in order: without firing.” , He started hiring again. Same for Ama: we found 250 million holes since 2003. We changed course. “

Expo 2030 – In view of the Rocky-Qualdieri-Calenda challenge, he is already thinking of a “common contract” with Rome’s candidate for Expo 2030, which is “a plan for Italy: to redefine the city all together. Rocky”.

Calenda: “Rays and I go to the polls” Meanwhile, in an interview with the ambassador, Carlo Calenda also talks about his race at the helm of the capital: “I’m going against the rock on the ballot. The Democrats are responsible for the administrative catastrophe of recent years, and now it’s serious what he says: Do you see democratic voters voting for Raki if the M5s go? I do not. They do. They are treated like suitcases available to party leaders. “