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Rockstar has removed potential offensive characters for the transgender community -

Rockstar has removed potential offensive characters for the transgender community –

As reported by Kirsty Cloud and Community Adming at GTANet and GTAForums, it appears that Rockstar Games has dumped the PS5 and Xbox Series X version | S from GTA 5 and GTA Online Possibly abusive characters Transgender community. Additionally, games that indicate gender change have been removed.

As you can see in the tweets below, Rockstar has deactivated i Characters categorized as “Drag Queens” That could appear outside the venue of GTA 5 Cockatoos. This may have been done after requesting OutMakingGames last year. In fact, some people have considered these non-player characters to be portrayed and could be considered dangerous representations of the stereotype. Obviously, drag queens and transgendering are not the same thing, but the characters use dialogues related to the use of hormones, thus blending concepts and representations of different societies.

The model for these characters is still present in the mod manager for GTA 5, but the dialogue options have been removed: it is assumed that the dialogue in which the non-playable characters talked about using hormones is no longer used in the game.

Finally, via Reddit, he also discovered that a texture for A game from the Captain Spacetoy line Removed: The previous version showed a character with “interchangeable genitals”. At the moment it is difficult to find other changes, because the console version of the game does not allow easy identification of data.

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