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Roar, then shock, but it was not an earthquake: what happened in Tuscany


And A boat, the earth shook for a few seconds. However, it was not an earthquake, as the INGV recorded no movement: it could have been small, as reported in the Tuscan press. Asteroid Decayed upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. However, the next few hours will shed light on an issue that, despite ending without damage or injuries, has greatly alarmed the residents of southwestern Tuscany.

An earthquake was reported in the area of ​​Elba Island at 4.30 pm today. But not only that, it was felt practically in the entire southern part of the coast: from the province of Livorno to Crocetto (but also in Versilia) reports of citizens who felt the ground under their feet or the glass of their windows vibrated .

Everything suggested a seismic shock, even Governor Eugenio Gianni has spoken about it. Earthquake In an initial post on social media, he called on people to remain calm. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology did not record tremors from Tuscany. “The shock was felt on the island of Elba, felt all along the coast. Checks are ongoing with the regional organization and there are currently no injuries or damage. – The head of the Tuscany region later wrote on his Facebook page, reporting the developments – I heard from the Air Force that there was no sonic boom in the sky over Tuscany. Even the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology did not detect telluric movements. This shock, felt by many to have been an earthquake along the whole coast of Tuscany and some inland, does not at present confirm the nature of the event.” But if it is an earthquake and apparently not even Supersonic aircraftWhat caused the roar heard by tens of thousands of Tuscans?

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The newspaper reported NationIt is a Asteroid Small dimensions. This hypothesis was reinforced by the Tuscan Geophysical Institute-Fontagion Parsec, which was cross-referenced with data from the Ingve and the University of Florence: at 4.29 pm a seismo-sounding station was installed at Sexetto playground (Campo Nell’ Elba). Recording a particularly strong seismo-acoustic signal, Montecristo detected a significant amount of energy in the atmosphere coming from the south of the island.

According to data collected by Dr. Andrea Fiacci of the Tuscan Geophysical Institute Parsec Foundation, the recorded signal amplitude was Tenfold More than previously recorded events, enough to saturate infrasonic sensors. A fireball that enters Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrates completely. But in the next few hours the doubts will get a definite answer.

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