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Rieti, weekend dates in the city and throughout the Rieti region

RIETI – Weekend appointments throughout the Reatino area.

From Poggio Moyano to me Casaprota: “Sintere on the Camino”, a Kermes play directed by Massimo Wertmoeller, which has 21 performances until September 24 in various municipalities in the province, is moving to the Municipal Theater “Fausto Tosi” in Casaprota. Tonight at 9 pm, the show “Kalendarito” by Marco Lodoli with Elisabetta Di Palo. This time “Sentieri in Cammino” is giving a theatrical debut, with the protagonist De Palo, Sabina’s resident actress also known for her roles in very popular novels such as “Vivere”, “Suburra” and “Brilliant Friend”, and the translator of many successful plays and films. On stage is a script for Lodley, author of novels such as “Diary of a Millennium Fleeing” and “The Great Circus Is Void.” “Calendarietto” is, in its own way, also the memoir of a man who does not cross oceans and forests as he explores the world: every encounter is a revelation, every word is captured while flying an embassy. Therefore, standing under the trees waiting for a girlfriend, he reveals his great intellectual sincerity: he knows nothing. But finally, there is something to learn: Perhaps this love and the world are the same. “The Calendarietto is one of the things I love the most among those I’ve written – the writer explains – it’s tender and poignant.” Ludoli also says that many years ago he proposed him to Paolo Poli, whom he liked very much, but then, due to the many commitments of the great actor, the project was not implemented. On stage, with Elisabetta di Palo, musician Carla Totino, supervising the music she will perform live on double bass, as well as the live show on the overhead projector, illustrator Valeria Gasparini will paint the scenes. The “Sentieri in Cammino” was created by the eight municipalities of Sabina, led by Poggio Moyano, with the contribution of the Lazio region and the Varoni Foundation. Admission to the exhibition 5 €, reservation by email [email protected]

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reach to Farva Potlash Theater’s new show “The Divine Comedy”. Today and Sunday, at 9 pm, the Benedictine monastery of Varva will be the site of the traveling show “The Divine Comedy”, created by the Potlach Theater in collaboration with the Vanatica Theater (India) and Teatre Brama (Poland). The show is free to enter and opens the 22nd edition of Flipt, the Potlach Intercultural Laboratory Festival of Theater Practice, supported by the Lazio Region and the Varón Foundation, sponsored by the municipality of Fara in Sabina. A view that would “invade” the entire monastery of Farva, from the ruins of the ancient Roman villa to the main porticos, even the mother church. A journey through the architecture of a monastery unique in the world, which will relive some of the notable stages of the great poet’s journey in Hell, in Purgatory and in Dante’s Paradise. An event full of suggestions, photos, readings and digital scenographies, with a strong visual impact, opens the three-week festival, during which every day workshops, special events and international performances will take place, with guests from Greenland, the United States, Iran, Ukraine, India, Poland, Denmark. The full program is available at

The 3rd edition of the Music Festival “The Humble and Happy Step – Walking with Saint Francis in the Sacred Valley”. Many musicians and artists will move afternoons and evenings Greccio, Labro, Contigliano, Poggio Bustone, Rieti. The program for the weekend, on Sundays at 6 p.m. in Greccio, on the Franciscan sanctuary, anticipates a Mass with the Lauda Folk Choir. In Labro, again on Sunday at 7.30 pm, in the former Franciscan monastery, the Diatonic Trio in the “Circo Maraviglia”.

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to me HobbyIn the Auditorium della Laga, donated by the Italian Red Cross and opened in August 2021, the Green Theater will present its performances in the morning, in order to allow the children to participate together. All performances will have a simple setup, with discounted groups, appropriate to the size of the auditorium stage. For the Amatrice Live project, a show program has been developed for each age group, including entertainment, theater, music and children’s shows. Performers Provided Performances: These are events hosted by the major national theaters.

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