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Riders Republic: Preview of the new Ubisoft Sports Experience

Riders Republic: Preview of the new Ubisoft Sports Experience

It was first introduced during the Ubisoft Forward event in September 2020, Republic of Riders Coming to all major platforms (All but Switch, including Stadia) October 28th And in the past few days we had the opportunity to get to know the game up close thanks to a presentation behind closed doors in which we participated.

For those who don’t remember, Riders Republic is Ubisoft’s next sports title aiming for bundles Experience looking closely at the success of the formula Game as a ServiceNSBy uniting it with the will of creationAnd a platform between the world of games and that social, highly focused on the concept ofFreedom and fun.

A blend of concepts expressed in the game’s presentation clips, which the meeting with the Ubisoft team helped reinforce and make more realistic, through an in-depth study of the pillars of the Riders Republic. Let’s find out what it is.

Freedom of Action and Loyalty Landscape

The basic concepts to describe the Republic of Raiders are undoubtedly “freedom of action“NS”landscape fidelity‘, two pillars around which Ubisoft has developed a sports title based on some mathematical discipline capable of better conveying the first of the two concepts – such as Skis, skateboards, bikes and even a wing suit (Also equipped with rockets!) – and have incorporated them into a playspace that faithfully reproduces some of the major nature park areas in the United States.

Da Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, Passes through glimpses of the mountain Teton, Bryce Canyon, and Zion; All of the natural environments found in the Riders Republic have been faithfully reconstructed starting with satellite data for each area, then compared to a 3D scan and development process aimed at recreating each of these environments to the smallest detail. The copy quality is really high On the other hand, there was no doubt about Ubisoft’s ability to succeed in the project, especially if we take into account the work done in the past for the Assassin’s Creed series.

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The natural environments at that time were cross With synthetic structures, in particular all those needed to define the different arenas and game areas in which races are held in the Riders Republic, which allows players to compete in both virtual peers of real competitions – such as Red Bull Frenzy – , and others created specifically for the game.

Instead, the second key concept, freedom of action, is expressed in the ways in which players can approach the massive Stadium Available to them in the Republic of Riders. The goal for everyone is to raise their level until they reach the invitation to participate in the Ridge Invitational, an event that blends all the sports disciplines of the Riders Republic and becomes a true test of skills acquired over time: in short, a true test.

The interesting aspect, of course, has to do with Come You can increase your level. Basically the players They can do it any way, from participating in the proposed tournaments, to the simple exploration of playing areas and achieving Some important points from which you can enjoy the virtual landscapes of nature parks. There is no predetermined order to counter the development of your athlete, whose skills can range in any discipline at any time: do we want to specialize in the wingsuit or the skateboard? We have a choice of how and when to do it.

Riders Republic, as mentioned earlier, also wants to suggest itself As a kind of social platform, where players enter to have fun with friends even without a specific purpose determined by the competition. Title flexibility, in fact, allows you to Transform every element of the map – from the steep slopes of canyons to all existing structures – into real objects playgrounds Which can be used to challenge each other to stunt competitions or any other performance that comes to mind.

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Of course there are other ways too officers To challenge other players, such as Team VS (6 vs 6) mode, where members of each team must coordinate with each other to achieve the highest score possible within a period of time, all with the sound of stunts and special moves (coming later). Or again, it is possible to participate in it team races, from races with up to 64 players at the same time (on current platforms, 32 on older generation) which allows you to seamlessly switch between one system and another while racing.

The Riders Republic will arrive in a few weeks and at launch there will be daily goals, live events and seasonal and within a short distance of launch the first additional system will also be introduced, which is BMX. In general, the proposed idea looks very original and interesting, even if it is evaluated in the long term to understand whether the enormous freedom offered to players is in fact an advantage or not risk making it almost without a goal Always in the title. It is clear that post-launch support will be critical to the success of the project, but it seems that the foundations are all there.