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On 6 June, French President Macron, speaking to the press on the occasion of the anniversary of the landings in Normandy, personally announced his intention to transfer an unspecified number of Mirage 2000-5 aircraft to Ukraine by the end of the year, stating that the necessary pilot training program would begin “the next day.” .

The Armée de l’Air still has around 26 older MIRAGE 2000-5 aircraft in service and they are concentrated in Grupe de Chasse1/2 Cicognes at the 116th Air Base in Luxeuil, and Groupe de Chasse 3/11 Corsica at the 188th Air Base in Ambouli. In the African country of Djibouti.

French MIRAGE 2000-5 aircraft are intended for air defense only, and their radar, unlike the radar installed on MIRAGE 2000-5 aircraft exported abroad, does not have air-to-ground operating modes. So far the French Air Force has planned to continue serving in 2000-5 for a few more years, to be precise until around 2028-2029. As a result, the MIRAGE 2000-5 has not appeared in the Armée de l’Air lineup scheduled for 2030 in recent military planning regulations for some time.

The Luxeuil group, in particular, was last year still operating and anticipating a period between 2029 and 2032 in which it will not have aircraft dedicated to it and where the base will undergo major structural works before the arrival of new and more numerous Dassaults RAFALE aircraft as a replacement for the Mirage.

The full article with all details has been published on Weekly risk and strategy 22/24 Outside today.

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