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Richard Branson has authorized the Virgin Galactic US government to take off into space

Virgin Galactic has finally received approval from the U.S. government to begin sending customers into space from New Mexico.

The missile shipping company Richard Branson on Friday announced a renewed license to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This is the latest hurdle for the Virgin Galactic attempt to send paid passengers on short spacecraft.

The company is also conducting three test flights in space.

Original Projects Mr. Branson is scheduled to be on a test flight later this year, with fares for customers starting next year.

Richard Branson always dreamed of sending the Virgin travelers into space.(

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Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos plans to launch his rocket into space from Texas on July 20.

Virgin Galactic Spokeswoman Valereza Symbol, Mr. Branson admitted that there was “a lot of speculation” that he would try to defeat Bezos in space.

“But at the moment we have no announcement about Virgin Galactic’s future flight plans,” he added.

The approval came after a successful flight in May.(

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Unlike the Blue Origin and SpaceX capsules launched from Earth by reusable rockets, the Virgin Galactic uses a winged spacecraft that lifts from the stomach of an aircraft.

She has I have been in space three times since 2018 with two pilots in the cockpit. The second flight took an employee of the third company.

A review of the company’s third aircraft in May – which reached an altitude of 89 kilometers – showed that everything went well and led to the necessary clearance from the FAA.


“Today’s FAA approval for a full business release license gives us confidence as we approach our full – manned test flight this summer with the success of our May 22 test flight,” said CEO Michael Colglacier. Notice.

More than 600 people have already booked a flight into space. Tickets will initially cost 000 250,000 (US $ 329,000), but prices are expected to increase as soon as Virgin Galactic starts accepting bookings again.

Blue Origin did not sell tickets to the public or tell us how much they cost. Bezos takes his brother and two others with him on July 20, the 52nd anniversary of the landing of the first human moon.

Jeff Bezos plans to launch his rocket into space on the 52nd anniversary of the moon’s landing.(

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