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Ricciardi to Sky TG24: ‘The fourth wave is in progress, it is up to us whether it will be a wave’


Thus said, “Boongiorno” guest, adviser to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. According to Professor Ricciardi, the fourth wave is now underway, and infections are on the rise for three main reasons: the arrival of winter, the lack of vaccine coverage in some countries, and a slight decrease in vaccine coverage for those who have been vaccinated for more than six months. .

The The fourth wave Infections Govt Although it is happening all over the world Italy It is in a better position than other countries. This was stated by Professor Walter Ricciardi, Adviser to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, guest on “Pyongyorno” on Sky Digi24, and thus, thanks to vaccines, the wave can be reduced to “Ondina”. “The fourth wave of epidemics is already underway, but we can reduce it. We can turn it into a wave. It is up to us to see that it does not turn into a fast wave like other countries,” the full professor of health and prevention explained. Medicine, former head of the ISS. “If we continue to use security, do third doses and properly manage testing and monitoring in schools, it will not be as small and as big a wave as it is in other countries,” he added.

Causes of an increase in infections

What are the main reasons for the increase in infections? Basically three, Ricciardi pointed out. With the advent of winter, finding themselves at home and creating more crowds, a significant percentage of the population in some countries, such as Romania, lacks vaccine protection. Bulgaria, The share of those who have been vaccinated “reaches 30%” and those who have been vaccinated for more than six months may have partially reduced immunity to infection and infection Delta variation Of the virus. “Combined with the fact that we move more, use fewer masks, and focus less on safety distance because we are all tired, we understand how these elements together raise the tide of contagion,” the expert said.

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Possible decline between January and February


Kovit in Italy and the world, the latest news today, November 8th. Live

What to expect between now and the next few months? “The situation is likely to worsen between January and February Govt It turned out to be an epidemic with very predictable cycles, ”Ricciardi said. Regarding the risk of restrictions at Christmas, “If this continues, we can think about coping adequately with the winter.” Third dose, “This should be done to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect against severe forms of infection,” the professor continued. Therefore, to the hypothesis of possible control measures during the holidays, “clear scientific and objective criteria have been used to make the necessary choices since last year. But today we are one of the best countries because we have. High vaccine protection, it is a Green bass Extensive that allows you to participate in indoor environments with a certain level of security. If this continues, we will be able to think about coping adequately with the winter, “he reiterated.” From this perspective, it is very important. ” Third levels Because between January and February, six months expire for millions of people, and they need to protect themselves, “he said.”

Not the Austrian model, but “Green Pass Correction”


Govt, Restrictions on Non-Vaccines in Austria from November 8th

Ricciardi also later referred to the Austrian model, which was based on lactown only for those who had not been vaccinated. As for our country, “We do not need it now, because the measures taken help to control the epidemic, as is happening. But as time goes on we need to think about fixing it. Green bass“, He announced.” Green Pass is now available with an antigenic pad, but it has a 30% false negative and gives a false sense of security. Infection occurs, especially with delta variability, when people who are vulnerable enter with a false negative test, ”the adviser told Minister Speranza.

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School: New protocol and Dad


Govt, new protocol for case management in schools from today

Therefore, the new protocol will come into effect from today School Only if there are at least three positives to isolating classes and distance learning, Ricciardi said, “This action has its own rationality, that is, it tries to keep the lesson as present as possible, but it must be guaranteed by a testing and tracking system, which must of course be done by ASL.” He said. “I wonder if the prevention departments have been strengthened enough by the regions in recent months and if there are enough staff to carry out these tests immediately,” he added. “Tests have a huge workload because, in fact, they help to do it Green bass, On the other hand, if this load is reduced, all tests will be accurately targeted in the required situations. So there is a contradiction in Italy, but it is always possible to switch between the symptoms provided by the center and then their implementation at the local level, ”he added.

Obligation to vaccinate and immunize Govt for children under 12 years of age


I pray for Sky TG24: “Vaccinating children will normalize their social status”

Entitled Anti-Govt vaccines for childrenRicciardi, a consultant for Speranza, commented, “People under the age of 12 need to be vaccinated. It’s absolutely important to do that first to protect them, but then to protect the whole community.” “It’s not a coincidence that all pediatricians agree that they actually see sick children. It is important to remember that the UK strategy has produced tens of thousands of children. Long GovtIn a situation where it will continue, months later, it will be difficult for them to even go to school, leaving them indifferent and unconscious, “he said. It benefits, “he said. To duty “We didn’t think about it” for 5-11 year olds. In general, for Vaccination duty, He added, “We need a law in Italy that involves a massive debate, with strong contradictions, that will create a whole series of differences of position so it is not necessary at this time because Italy has simply reached the highest level of population security, in terms of trust and information. At the time, no one in Italy was thinking about duty, ”the professor concluded.

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