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Reviews and opinions about the innovative autonomous truck

Reviews and opinions about the innovative autonomous truck

This isn’t the first time a car manufacturer has shown a groundbreaking prototype to anticipate the future based on new forms of mobility, such as self-driving. Mini Vision Urban It transforms the interior into a living room and immediately catches the eye.

The Mini Vision Urbanaut is an electric car in some ways Combines the utility of a new generation car with an attractive exterior and interior design. The way the windshield can be opened offers its own combination of utility and appeal, getting airflow when desired. Let’s dive into this article:

What are the opinions of Mini Vision Urbanaut

Mini Vision Urbanaut looks like a urban mini truck, with armchairs instead of traditional benches and an interior designed to accommodate more than transport. Its exterior design is conditioned by its interior architecture, where the priority is to create an open space closer to the living room than to the interior of the car. It’s no coincidence that Minnie notes that he crafted it from the inside out.

With a rounded shape, and LED lighting panels that blend with the bodywork, characterized by its short overhang and wide wheelbase, since The wheels are very close at both ends for the car. The interior is accessed via a single-sided sliding door and the massive windshield can also be opened. The whole ceiling is glazed.

As for the mechanics, and since it’s just an exercise in design, the Mini simply states that it is all electric But without providing any data. Mini currently has a completely zero-emissions model, the Electric, which has an electric mass of 135 kW (184 hp) and 270 Nm. The Mini Vision Urbanaut also focuses on sustainability, and this can be seen and experienced first-hand in various aspects of a vehicle.

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Mini Independent Electric Truck Reviews

We are facing a kind of futuristic mini busFully self-driving and electric. It measures 4.46 meters and is much longer than the urban premium BMW has in its portfolio. The first row of seats is embodied in a single single driver’s seat, which can be rotated, while the rear does the same with a corner sofa.

the The front area is actually another sofa Which integrates a retractable steering wheel and pedals underneath. So it is designed in such a way that it is only deployed when you choose to drive it, as it is defined as an autonomous technical vehicle. Complete with a small table on the left side, or without a door or cushions. And, of course, the entire interior is built from recycled and eco-friendly materials, foregoing leather or chrome.

Mini Vision Urbanaut also has different ambiance, through ambient light or even perfume and music. The so-called small moments: cold (relaxation), wandering (on the go) and lively (also standing but in a more active position). The brand speaks of smart solutions in its quest to create a more sustainable, optimistic, and above all small future.