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Revenue Agency Scam: How to Work by Email and Not Fall for It


A fraudulent email with an illegally used Revenue Agency logo has been circulating for several weeks: How to avoid phishing

Revenue Agency Email Fraud: How Not to Fall for the Trap –

to’Revenue Agency It has also been monitoring phishing cases for some time. This term refers to scams targeting citizens, which can arrive either via email or via SMS on smartphones. Today we will devote ourselves to email scams, with scammers who have invented sophisticated methods to deceive their victims and are looking at an audience of all ages (not just the elderly).

New Revenue Agency Scam: The Phenomenon

For some time now, we have become increasingly aware of incidents related to scams and fraudsters who have used the Revenue Agency logo illegally. Users have recently reportedSuspicious emails arriveWhere the thieves send a message and where they are mentioned inside. A neat way to make us fall into their trap, considering how very well taken care of in designing a digital message can easily fool people.

Revenue Agency Logo Email Scam: How It Works –

How do email scams work?

The scammers, with a letter written often in highly detailed and technical Italian, They invite us to click on the site. And this is the hook that will trap us, because it will take us to the portal they have created: Here too, the site is similar to that of the Revenue Agency. Once you click on the page, the same site will provide you with a password, which you will then have to use within the same link.

This digital key will open another page, which you will open with one movement It will cause various damages to your sensitive data. First, they will enter data on your computer or smartphone through a hacking process, looking above all at the details of your credit cards or other payment cards. For those who enter the page, they will hand over the same sensitive data within the link: a move that will trick you anyway.

How to protect yourself in these cases: Method

Let us start with some certainties so that we are not deceived by these methods: LThe Revenue Agency never contacts via email in this type of situation. If necessary, you will be contacted by registered mail at an office near your area, where you will then communicate with the advisor. At most, you can get a certified email, but alternative methods are not recognized (not even for SMS or WhatsApp).

To ensure that the email is not authenticBefore opening the link, be careful: contact the revenue agency offices. As in many cases of scams with the Poste Italiane logo (used illegally), here too they will be able to tell you that it is a scam and you should get rid of the mysterious message.

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