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Revenue Agency, Incoming Letters: Who Will Receive It

Revenue Agency, Incoming Letters: Who Will Receive It

Letters from the Revenue Agency reach various Italian taxpayers: Here’s why

Revenue Agency (Photo ANSA)

Bad news is coming for a segment of Italians who receive messages fromRevenue Agency. This ruling concerns who they are VAT number holders From those who left their words Differences Among the advertised business number related to 2018 and the amount of transactions that taxpayers and their clients report to the tax authorities.

So the differences are related to tax returns 2019 and data held by the Revenue Agency itself. The ruling of last March 25 states that it is Partial or total omissions They appeared from invoices sent or from correspondence received by tax authorities from taxable persons.

Revenue Agency, communicating with VAT number holders

revenue agency
Revenue Agency (Photo ANSA)

Revenue agency provision has been implemented in line with Article 1paragraphs 634 to 636 of Law of December 23, 2014, number. 190- Here is the article: “Communication in order to promote automatic compliance with VAT number holders for whom there are discrepancies between the declared turnover and the amount of operations reported to the Revenue Agency”.

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The messages sent are letters of compliancewhich are communications by which the taxpayer is notified of her attendance Various anomalies. The Revenue Agency sends messages throughAuthenticated email address or postal mail Citizens are asked spontaneously advance Solve such anomalies.

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Obviously, the connection, along with all data, can also be displayed within a range financial drawer The taxpayer on the website of the Revenue Agency under the heading Invoices and fees. All information in the notice allows you to regularize your situation by taking advantage of active repentancefines, at a reduced rate.

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In the case of the financier All data is believed to be correct It is in your statement, all you have to do is Delivered to the same agencyBy submitting the appropriate documents. Spoken repentance can be applied even if the violation has already occurred observed in the past.