Sunday, July 21, 2024

Returns and rescue operations, Housemarque is still pondering whether or not to get them –


related ReturnContinue a little to discuss selection Hoosmark Do not enter me rescue operations Over the course of the gameplay loops, but when implemented retrospectively, the developers haven’t taken one yet resolution, Although consultations continue.

The absence of memorization in the standard game stages, during the episodes that make up the gameplay, is one Characteristic Which can be considered an integral part of the game itself, given that it is a Rogue Lite. However, with gameplay sessions that may take several minutes, it can be very difficult to deal with Returnal if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

The yield does not contain “by design” intermediate salvages, but this is debatable

Basically, episodes need to be deduced necessarily in order to memorize, but in some cases time The materials to reach the preservation and at this point lose the session heavily, which is a risk that also occurs in cases of crashes, without looking at the recent corruption problems for preservation and then solving them by correction 1.3.6.

Mikael HavaryHe confirmed, Housemarque’s director of marketing, that the team is still assessing the situation but has yet to make a decision on adding additional rescues. Apparently, the team is realizing that this could be a problem for some players and is listening to Suspension, But it still doesn’t have any updates to announce in this regard, also because it is currently also working on several other aspects of return.

Anyway, everyone liked the PS5 a little, as you can also see by reading our Returnal review.


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