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“Rethinking Therapy in a Soul Key”: The Narrative Medicine of Spencanti


Tomorrow the live broadcast with Alexandria Hospital

ALESSANDRIA – Return directly to the social networks of Alessandria Hospital, after the report in the first festival of Medical Humanities “Iconography of Health”, Sandro Spencanti, An expert in narrative medicine in Italy and director of the Giano Institute of Medical Humanities and Health Administration.

The symposium on May 25, which will be broadcast on the Facebook page and the company’s YouTube channel starting at 4 pm, will be an opportunity to present his latest book, which he wrote in cooperation with Dagmar Reinenberger: “On the floor on tiptoe.” In a period marked by the terrible Covid-19 pandemic and in which the environment around us is constantly changing due to human behavior, which is not always a positive thing, Spencanti is contemplating the need to rethink care with a spiritual key, bearing in mind this important dimension on the road to “healing and salvation” .

Thus, dialogue with the author will allow us to touch upon some of the topics covered in the book that fit well with the activities of the Care and Society Center for the Medical Humanities, especially with regard to the cross-sectional link of medicine with other disciplines. Always the ultimate goal of relieving the patient’s suffering. In fact, there are many Path intersectionsAs Spinsanti defines them, it has already started partly and in part on the center’s future projects, which could have major benefits to the course of treatment, such as confrontation with art and dealing with the environment.

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Spirituality, Spencanti writes, demands that we take care of one another: in intimate relationships as well as in social ones. Care for life in all its forms, including animal and plant life. Take care of living things as they become fragile and deteriorate towards the end of their life cycle. By resorting to professions and care that constitute a fully realized humanity. This is the overall profile of the spirituality that we are called to live in. “

The event, which promises to be immensely fun and thought-provoking, will be broadcast live on three shared channels:

1. Website on the page

2. Facebook page aoalessandria

3. Alessandria Hospital YouTube channel


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