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Retailer Rewards: How does it work?

After the approval of Def, with which the government is very satisfied, it is time to analyze all the listed measures, necessary to give new life to the Italian economy. Among them there is a bonus for retailers: what is it?

The New help for retailers, embodied in a series of non-reimbursable aid to the beneficiaries, which are selected on the basis of having certain requirements. Applications can be submitted from May 3 until May 24, 2022, after The instructions provided by Mise in this regard.

Let’s see what requirements must be met in order to receive the scholarship.

Merchant Rewards: When and how to apply?


First of all, let’s see what indications Mise gave for ordering regarding non-repayable bonus to retail traders. In fact, it is clear from these that requests can be made From 12 noon on May 3 until deadline on May 24.

Applications can only be submitted online, to the same address Ministry of Economic Development You will prepare to communicate. To carry out the application procedure in the best possible way, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate form available, called the application form.

Applicants will also have to submit Documenting checks against the mafia before you can apply.

Lost Money for Traders: What Are the Requirements?


Let’s see now What are the necessary requirements To allow merchants access to non-repayable funds. The necessary indicator for determining the order of beneficiaries is the turnover. Help is for those who:

  • They had Revenues of up to 2 million euros in 2019;
  • have undergone a A decrease in business volume in 2021 by at least 30% compared to 2019.
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As for the Amounts duethe following proportions are followed:

  • 60% for subjects with revenue related to the 2019 tax period not exceeding 400,000 euros;
  • 50% for subjects with revenue relating to the 2019 tax period in excess of €400,000 and up to €1 million;
  • 40% for subjects with revenue relating to the 2019 tax period in excess of €1 million and up to €2 million.