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Restaurants say, "Yellow Zone only charges 4 people at the table"

Restaurants say, “Yellow Zone only charges 4 people at the table”

The rules regarding the limit of four people at the table in restaurants should be used only in the yellow zone and this sign will be violated in the white zone. According to what has been learned, this is Description of the Legislative Office of the Ministry of Regional Affairs. Minister Mariastella Gelmini has already asked Massimiliano Petrica, president of the Regional Conference, on the matter.

One explanation would be that even in restaurants in white areas, there are only 4 people at the table, depending on the region. However, the Ministry of Health has confirmed a small number of restaurants even in the ‘white’ regions, Referring to the DBCM last March 2, recalled by the April 22 Ordinance and the May 28 preamble ‘Guidelines for the Resumption of Economic and Social Activities’. “In the operation of catering services, table consumption is allowed for a maximum of 4 people per table, unless they are all combined”, this was clarified in a note this morning.

Starting today, new rules have come into force regarding liquor stores and restaurants in the Yellow Zone. Major innovations include not only lunch and dinner outside but also being ‘indoors’ in restaurants and consumption in bars.

The curfew order in the yellow zone now starts at 11pm, but has been canceled in the white zone (for now Sardinia, Friuli and Molise) where there is no need to go home within a certain time. However, while anti-Govt rules are light, maintaining distance, wearing a mask outside and indoors and meetings are prohibited.

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