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Resistance spokesman Panjshir killed in Afghanistan

Resistance spokesman Panjshir killed in Afghanistan

Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the National Resistance Front, was killed during the night in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, due to the advance of the Taliban. The news quoted the leader of the Afghan resistance, Ahmed Masoud, who wrote on Twitter that “Fahim Dashti was a friend and brother. He defended freedom of expression and his ideals and died as a hero for his homeland!” and a black and white picture of him was posted on the Twitter account attributed to the resistance. Among the Taliban’s victims was Major General Abdul Wadud Zara.

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We read in Sama News, “Unfortunately, the Afghan National Resistance lost today two of its comrades in the resistance against injustice and aggression. Fahim Dashti, the spokesman for the National Salvation Front, and General Abdul Wadud Zara were martyred. May their memory remain forever.” Quoted from the Resistance Front.

“The Taliban are not strong enough to compete with us, but the Pakistani army and the ISI are cooperating with us,” Masood wrote on Twitter, referring to the ISI in Islamabad. “I miss you my hero,” said Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the resistance who was killed by the Taliban in the past few hours.

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