Monday, July 22, 2024

Resident Evil Village: A demo comparison video for PS5 and PS4 / Pro from Digital Foundry


Digital foundry Released a new comparison video dedicated to the first release of the second demo Resident Evil VillageWhich explains the differences between PS5, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PS4 dock. This is what we found out thanks to their technical analysis.

First of all, Digital Foundry explains that the demo of Resident Evil Village that we were able to try is so small that the analysis was not complicated, despite the fact that there are three different platforms and different graphic styles that can be activated. In the event that PS5, We made sure to show the game in 4K, but cheat pad, Which produces some graphic artifacts on leaves and hair, but is almost impossible to notice during the game.

Without ray tracing, PS5 manages to keep 4K mentioned above at 60fps without any problems In Resident Evil Village. With ray tracing Active, however, there are some Single drops in the 50+ fps range, But that’s a better result than Capcom’s 45 fps. The company may have preferred to publicly point out the worst outcome the game could provide in certain situations, perhaps in areas of the game that we have no way of trying it yet.

However, Digital Foundry states that The Resident Evil Village ray tracing is not very high quality, So the player may also decide not to activate it to ensure an ideal frame rate. In fact, ray tracing provides lower resolution reflections and better global illumination, as well as more smoke in fire-related sequences. However, the feeling is that ray tracing is just a bonus within a product that is inherently a crossover.

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But let’s talk about PS4 Pro edition from Resident Evil Village. Obviously, there is no ray tracing, but there are methods for prioritizing performance or quality. The latter offers a chessboard resolution of 2160 pixels, but is in lower quality than the PS5, with a frame rate of between 30 and 40 frames per second. Digital Foundry suggests to run Performance Mode at 1080p @ 60fps. Top PS4 baseOn the other hand, Resident Evil Village snaps at 900p with an unlocked frame rate, which moves between 40 and 60 frames per second.

Finally, we report on the latest news of Resident Evil Re: Verse: the date and time of the third beta that Capcom revealed.


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