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Resetting Tax Records: Who Won't Have to Pay

Resetting Tax Records: Who Won’t Have to Pay

The Treasury Decree will have to be officially confirmed but the cancellation of many tax filings will be implemented. We find out that the lucky ones are the ones who won’t have to pay.


The wait was longer than expected, but now, everything seemed to be decided. The tax authorities will cancel Volumes less than 5 thousand euros Between 2000 and 2010. Initially the scope should have been larger and up to 2015 but different considerations led to a different decision. Especially, costs Operation-related led to the mini-pardon given that canceling 15 years of debt would have meant expenses Two billion euros. However, by choosing the years between 2000 and 2010, the financial peace is lighter.

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What will happen soon

There is still a small step missing from the formal nature of the ruling. Let’s talk about By decree from the treasury It can lead to the deletion of folders. It is believed that this decree may arrive in the next few hours, allowing for whistling 16 million tax files.

The snippet has very specific recipients. In fact, it is not given to the richest users but only to people who fall within a certain income limit, 30 thousand euros For 2019. However, these are millions of taxpayers.

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What folders will be scanned?

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The Revenue Agency may cancel debts of less than 5 thousand euros and debts within the range Skimming III plans, balancing and excerpts. Thus, those volumes notified after December 31, 2010 will be canceled provided that the assignment to the collection agency is prior to the respective date.

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Debts on traditional EU special resources and VAT collected on imports are excluded from cancellation. In addition, debts related to the recovery of specific state aid are excluded illegal , Fines, fines and financial penalties related to convictions and sentences.

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Cancellation Policy

The decree will detail the procedures for canceling tax records as well Reset dates of debts of less than 5 thousand euros for the years between 2000 and 2010. At this stage, the Revenue Agency will work with the collection office to identify all files that need to be canceled. The extract, then, will happen automatically without any request made by the taxpayer.