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Reset TIM (Without Warning) Fritz Router!  Box 7590 is making users angry!  Here's what happened

Reset TIM (Without Warning) Fritz Router! Box 7590 is making users angry! Here’s what happened

TIM literally infuriated users for resetting the Fritz modem! Box 7590 from AVM without their knowledge. They were all born from a report that produced a domino effect of a series of users who testified that during the last Saturday evening they suddenly saw their router’s remote network settings being reset by TIM without notifying them beforehand. Defend the action taken.

TIM and Fritz Reset! Box 7590: The Story

what happened? Last Saturday some users suddenly saw being reset by TIM, without any prior notice Router Fritz! Box 7590 What’s Next It has lost any kind of network level settings that users have configured. For those unfamiliar with these customization procedures, there are clearly a few changes because when the router is powered on again, it will resume working as before.

Many users for more ‘pay’ often use custom settings that make the router more efficient. In this case, if it wasn’t saved on a backup, it was obviously completely lost with the TIM reset, thus all users who used it had to manually reset it again with a waste of time. What users complained about is the fact that TIM reset everything remotely, especially without any kind of warning According to the users, there was no need as the router did not show any kind of obvious problems with the maximum download speeds being reached without issues.

In this case The operator, the line manager, anyway can always intervene remotely on the user’s router. Why It was especially surprising that TIM did not warn users in any way That they could have managed the reset status in a different way, perhaps by backing up their custom settings and then being able to quickly restore them later.

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However, TIM wanted to answer the question with a statement Which we report to make sure the story is complete:TIM and AVM (the manufacturer of the Fritz! Box 7590 modem) have developed a software update to improve interoperability and security. The update may include minimal configuration changes if the customer has set custom settings“.