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Requirements, when they arrive and how to order them.  Within days, the first INPS أول credits

Requirements, when they arrive and how to order them. Within days, the first INPS أول credits

Many are anxiously awaiting this. is the so-called Seasonal BonusesCompensation for the months of June and July for a total 1.600 EUR, expected from Sostegni edict bis. Well in the days, maybe beginning of next week, according to internal INPS sources, those who have already received the old compensation of 2,400 euros, will get automatic batch. to me new questions Instead, the online procedure will be available on the website next week snooze Then, after another 30/40 days to make the necessary checks for the requirements, INPS will award €1,600 for this part of the audience as well.

Using this information INPS provided to Messenger, a small crime that worried web users was solved. On the basis of the response provided via twitter by INPS to a user, it actually appeared that the institute would not have initiated the bonus disbursement procedure before turning the decree into law, citing the “end of the process”. “The parliamentary process of turning the decree into law was not intended,” Dallenbes explains. But the circular application version ». That will be ready.

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Recipients of the old €2,400 seasonal bonus will automatically receive the payment within the next few days, without the need for a new application (if requirements persist). For new recipients, the online procedure for applying will be accessed within the next week and payments will be made – after necessary checks on requirements – in the second half of July.

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What is the reward 1600 euros

This is an additional allowance, equivalent to 1,600 euros (800 euros for two months, June and July), stipulated in the Sostegni bis decree for seasonal workers in tourism, leisure, self-employed and extraordinary workers. The benefit does not contribute to income formation and is paid by the INPS.

Who has the right?

Recipients of the March, April and May compensation, or the INPS bonus of €2,400 awarded by the Sostegni Decree (Decree-Law of March 22, 2021. No. 41) are entitled to the new bonus; Seasonal workers in the tourism and spa sector (employees, but also in management), workers in other sectors, intermittent workers (except for the intermittent employment contract without the right to an availability allowance). Also independent workers, without a VAT number, not registered in other forms of mandatory social security, and holders of occasional independent contracts from January 1, 20219 to May 26, 2021, without a contract the next day, also fall into the public. Upon entry into force of the bis support decree, registered in the separate administration with a credit of at least one monthly contribution, who do not have an employment contract. The bonus is also accrued to those responsible for home sales, whose income exceeded 5,000 euros in 2019 and active VAT number, who are registered in the separate administration and not registered in other forms of compulsory social security, not holders of an employment contract, with the exclusion of intermittent work without the right to availability allowance and pension Retirement.


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Involuntary termination of the employment relationship between January 1, 2019 and May 26, 2021 (the date of entry into force of the support decree is bis), with at least 30 days of employment in the same period, even with multiple contracts. You must not have a pension, employment relationship, or NASP on the date the Bis Support Ordinance enters into force.

workers show

The bonus is also awarded to employees registered in the Recreational Worker Pension Fund who meet one of the following conditions: – have paid at least 30 contributions per day between January 1, 2019 and the date of entry into force of a duplicate support decree. , with an income indicating the year 2019 of not more than 75,000 euros, without a pension and not holding a permanent employment contract, except for an intermittent contract without an availability allowance; Pay a minimum of 7 daily contributions between January 1, 2019 and May 26, 2021 (the date of entry into force of the support decree bis), with 2019 income not exceeding 35,000 euros.


The allowances granted to each category of workers cannot be combined with each other. The new INPS bonus for seasonal, tourism and leisure workers, self-employed and non-regular workers is compatible with the normal disability allowance.

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